How Tasty Can You ‘3D Print’ Your Food?

{:en}A new high-tech multicultural cuisine is right under way to be devoured at your own homes. Thanks to the skyrocketing pace of 3D printing innovations, it is now possible to actually ‘print’ the food we eat. In addition, it is also claimed that 3D printed food can be made by using natural sources without additives and preservatives. But how tasty…

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3D Printable Pizza

Have you ever guessed what future tastes like, or the way we’ll feed few years later? Well, thanks to Antony Dobrzensky, Marcio Barradas and a group of many other techs and food experts you could have a very futurist variety course meal just around the corner! Best part? yes, 3D-printers and augmented reality are totally involved in this unique concept…

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