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How Tasty Can You ‘3D Print’ Your Food?

A new high-tech multicultural cuisine is right under way to be devoured at your own homes. Thanks to the skyrocketing pace of 3D printing innovations, it is now possible to actually ‘print’ the food we eat. In addition, it is also claimed that it is possible to 3D print food by using natural sources without additives and preservatives. But how tasty would it be? Let’s explore what some renowned innovators have to serve for techie foodies.

Fresh mouth-watering chocolate
Who wouldn’t want to take a bite at a fresh customised sweet glossy chocolate? Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp, a Netherlands based product design studio, has developed a 3D printer to create customised chocolates. Disturbed by the perspective that 3D printing is used only for technical and business purposes, they went on to make a machine to attract anyone of any age. Even the printing technique has been modified compared to existing 3D printers, where the print head deposits chocolate filament on a rotating build plate. Further guidance to the printing process is provided through a glanceable multicolour LED ring, enhancing the visual appeal. Such flashy looking gadgets are sure to enter our homes soon!

2016 05 04 xoco seq landcsape
XOXO (Source: Michiel Cornelissen)

World’s first 3D printing restaurant
A mobile international restaurant with even the furniture and utensils 3D printed along with food – Food Ink, a London based gastronomy firm demonstrates such first of the kind experience. A blend of architects, artists, chefs, designers and engineers exhibits a futuristic gourmet. Utilising the most innovative technologies of 3D printing and augmented reality, they try to create an interactive edible experience. VIP launch of Food Ink and fine dinner series will be exhibited periodically across world’s major cities. A detailed review of this 3D dinner course can be found here. As per their tagline “Taste Tomorrow Today” an enchanting experience is likely to be expected.

Round the globe digital cooking
3DigitalCooks is an international community pushing forward future digital gastronomy. Through their workshops in Erfurt Messe, Germany, Luis Alcalde and Jason Mosbrucker, the partners of the firm, demonstrated the techniques to print food using 3D printing. The best part is that they make their projects reach everyone by making them available as open source, including the recipes for 3D printing food. The recipes include exciting names like Digital Pancakes and Hamiltonian Bravas. Irrespective of whether the food tastes good or not, it is sure to smell good when printing!

3DC’s display (Source: 3DigitalCooks)
How Tasty Can You '3D Print' Your Food? 2

Foodini – The next kitchen appliance
Mixer, microwave, toaster, and the next in the list of appliances in your kitchen shelf – Foodini. Natural Machines, a Barcelona based kitchen appliance manufacturer, produces this 3D food printer called Foodini. It is expected to take cooking to next level by aiding making of hard and time-consuming food items. Their goal is rightly mentioned as “to streamline some of cooking’s more rote activities – forming dough into a dozen breadsticks, or filling and forming individual ravioli – to encourage more people to eat healthy foods”. A printer to make healthier food with much more fun and ease. What else do you want on a tired after-work evening!

Printed burger (Source: Natural Machines)
Printed burger (Source: Natural Machines)

Flavour bombs and honey berry
A delicate jelly-type coating and dressing enhances the appeal of a delicious dessert. Dovetailed, a Cambridge based design studio and innovation lab, has developed nūfood 3D Food Printer to make edible structures from liquid. This 3d fruit printer combines individual liquid droplets of different flavours into desired shape. The speciality is their new technique of 3D printing, in which the liquid or gel droplets maintain their form until you bite them and release their delicious flavours. Dr. Vaiva Kalnikaitė, founder and CEO of the firm quotes that this device not only serves professional chefs and food companies, but also opens up new possibilities for kitchens in our home.

Cheese bites (Source: Dovetailed)
Cheese bites (Source: Dovetailed)

Such innovation by combining existing 3D printing and food industry opens up a new frontier. It would also lead to a new set of cooking, hygiene and nutrition guidelines. Nevertheless, it is a treat for foodie techies as said. So get set to print your own food for dinner! Bon Appetite!

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