5 Fun Prints for your new 3d printer.

You finally received your very own 3D printer. Now, what?  It’s up and printing your 3rd benchy. I must have printed 30 benchy’s and as many marvins when I got my first printer running. It didn’t help as much as I thought it would. Sure I got it running but I didn’t see larger issues because of small prints. How about we print a few things that will really give you a good idea of how well this thing prints and have some fun while we are at it. This are my 5 Fun Prints everybody should have.

The Derby car – Fun Prints

Fun Prints
This print will take a little bit but whether you print it all at once or one piece at a time you’re sure to find out if prints are going to stick and how well they will print. When you’re done you can race your children or just that homeless guy down the street I’m not judging.

The Mini Boomerang launcher – Fun Prints

Fun Prints
Wow your family, Annoy a coworker. This one is pretty simple but the little boomerangs might give your printer a run for its money. I would suggest trying out the brim settings for this one.  Not a difficult print but it will test your bed adhesion and maybe your patience. When it fails for the 12th time remember. You wanted a 3d printer.

Air Powered Top V2.1 – Fun Prints

Fun Prints
Things are starting to get a little twisted. While not a complicated print it’s going to test your wall accuracy and overhangs. Speed kills, Slow things down and use a brim or a raft for best results. If you like tops check out www.Billetspin.com Nothing quite like a CNC billet top on your desk.

Make something useful out of those spools

Fun Prints
By this point you have a few empty spools lying around here is a great way to get your better half off your back. Print and stack away In no time you’ll have a tower of storage. Followed by the avalanche of marvins Look into some fasteners or hot glue.

Nerf – Fun Prints

Fun Prints

Time to bring it all home. And by that I mean get your McMaster carr order out of the way first. This one will test out all the printer problem areas Small parts, long faces, overhangs and how detailed you can print. But when it’s done those gremlins will be crying all the way home. With the added bonus of having something to annoy the guy in cubicle 19 when he gets on your nerves again. He knows what he did wrong now punish him for it.

Bonus RoundFun Prints

But my printer works great I hear you saying. Alright, smart guy lets see how good your problem-solving skills are. Let’s see you make this work. No, really I want to see someone make one of these my printer is on strike till I give it better working conditions and a 401k. We are negotiating I think it will crack when the new printer is finished.


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