Top 7 3D Scanners on a Low Budget

There are hours and hours spent on designing and printing to achieve that smile when the piece is finished and works correctly, as there are endless tools that can help us complete the work. That’s why a 3D Scanner is needed, and they are not less in this topic and with the year’s advancement is becoming a more accessible technology for us, the consumers.

That’s why I bring you a list of 3D scanners that doesn’t exceed the $600 USD. You can make your own conclusions about the 3D scanner that suits you better according to your needs and budget. Personally, I must admit I’m more attracted by portable scanners that allow me to turn my phone’s Cam into a 3D scan tool.

But let’s first let’s explain out what a 3D scanner is for.

A 3D scanner allows anyone to digitize a tangible object from the real world and transfer the captured data to a 3D modeling program. The object can be manipulated through software, improved and exported as a printable file to a 3D printer.

Although each program has its own handling qualities, the steps to perform a 3D scan are quite simple:

1.- We choose the tangible matter to digitize, from a whistle to your own pet (always have in mind each 3D scanner has its own Size range).

2.- In a 3D modeling program, we repair or modify it according to the range of detail we want to give to the piece.

3.- We export it to a direct format for 3D printing.

3D Scanning - 3D Scanner
3D Scanning

Now let’s go for the relevant, prices and quality:



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1.- 3D Microsoft Kinect Scanner – Microsoft

  • Price: $ 49 USD
  • Type: Open Source
  • BUY

First one comes as a DIY project. Although it was originally not released for these purposes, Kinect is one of the pioneers as far as 3D Open Source scanner is concerned, I personally worked a while ago with this scanner for a small project using Skanect, and despite it does not have the highest-resolution that some specialized scanner on the market have, the price is quite affordable. We only need a USB cable to connect the Kinect to our computer, Install the scanning software that best suits our project and starts working.

3D Microsoft Kinect Scanner - 3D Scanner
3D Microsoft Kinect Scanner

Simply google the 3D Kinect scanner to get a list of various software you can download to operate your Kinect as a 3D scanner.

For now, I will leave the official page of Skanect so you can prove it



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2.- BQ Ciclop 3D Scanner KIT

BQ Ciclop 3D Scanner KIT - 3D Scanner

  • Setup: Desktop
  • Scan Accuracy: 0.5mm
  • Scanning Technology: Rotational Laser Triangulation
  • Software: Horus open Software
  • Scan Size: 250 x 205 mm
  • Price: $ 199
  • Buy

Under the Open Source hierarchy, this DIY project is available to the entire community, inviting to improve the scanner with a GPL license. All the necessary information for its construction can be found on its official site, this includes mechanical, electronic components and the software for its manipulation. The advantage of this 3D scanner is the ability to download all the assembly parts and print them yourself to save costs and just invest in electronics.

or you can DIY and download the KIT here



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3.- Structure sensor for iPad

  • Setup: Handheld
  • Scan Range: 40cm -3.5m
  • Scan Accuracy: 4mm
  • Scan Resolution: 0.5 mm
  • Software: Includes free access to Structure SDK
  • Scanning Technique: Structured light technology
  • Price: $ 379 USD
  •  BUY

 3D Scanner

Let’s raise the investment a little, Structure Sensor was a successful Kickstarter campaign about 3,500 backers supporting the creation of this product which raised $ 1.2 million. Structure Sensor has the versatility to turn your iPad into a powerful scanner capable of capturing data about 30 fps.

If you want to know more about their specifications, Will and Norm de Tested did a very thorough review.


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4.- EORA 3D Scanner

  • Setup: Portable
  • Scan Range: Up to 1 meter
  • Scan Accuracy: 0.5mm
  • Scanner Technique: Green laser technology
  • Scan Volume: 1 m2 in one Scan
  • Eora 3D app for Ios or Android
  • Price $ 330

I do not doubt that there are 3D scanners for other projects such as industrial quality (powerful scanners with a resolution more than incredible) but, I really like portability something that I can use for long periods of time, where I do not worry about its weight Or if it is going to enter my backpack and do not forget the transport.

That’s why I really like the Eora, using a green laser technology for scanning using CMOS sensors in the Camera (such as the eyes) are more sensitive to the green color spectrum than the typical red, which improves the scanning environment in multiple Aspects of light and environments, even works outdoors.

What have we?

EORA - 3D Scanner
EORA 3D Scanner

A scanner capable of generating up to 8 million points in a period of 5 minutes. Oh, also has Bluetooth and a 360 ° catch, you can pre-order yours here

5.- Cubify Sense

Cubify Sense - 3D Scanner

Setup: Handheld

Scanning range: 0.35mm -3m

Scan Accuracy: 1.0mm

Scan resolution: 0.9mm

Software: Cubify software

Scan Volume: 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2m to 3 x 3 x 3m

Price: $ 399.00


With a handle that makes scanning easier, the Cubify Sense is suitable for portability and size, compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. What I like most about Sense is how you present 3D scans in the form of catalogs for your visualization and for marketing as well, so you can share with your collaborators or clients directly from Software Sense in SketchFab and Facebook

The Ben Heck Show, one of my favorite youtube shows uses Sense with a microwave dish to demonstrate the power and quality of this great scanner.


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6.- iSense 3D scanner for iPhone and iPad

iSense 3D scanner for iPhone and iPad - 3D Scanner
iSense 3D scanner for iPhone and iPad
  • Setup: Handheld
  • Scan Range: 640cm x 480cm
  • Scan Accuracy: 4mm
  • Scan Resolution: 0.5 mm
  • Software: Ios7, Ios 8 and iOS 9
  • Operating range: Min: 0.40 m Max: 3.5m
  • Price: $ 379 USD


Developed by 3D System, is also being part of the family of Cubify — It’s a shame there are no longer selling 3D printers and only have peripherals in stock now– iSense works with your iPad or iPhone6 and has a great range of digitization that justifies its price. Being part of 3Dsystems we can be sure of the quality of the product. Its scanning volume is Min: 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m and Max: 3m x 3m x 3m Operating a resolution from 0.5mm up to 0.9mm


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7.- Matter and Form

Matter and Form - 3D Scanner
Matter and Form 3D Scanner gives you high-quality fo less money
  • Setup: Desktop
  • Scanning range: 34.5cm
  • Scan Accuracy: 0.43mm
  • Scan resolution: 0.25mm
  • Software: Matter and Form Scan
  • Scan Volume: 25cm X 18cm x 3.0kg
  • Price: $ 519.00


Honestly one of the best 3D printer Scanner alternatives on the market, a beautiful and affordable machine. It allows you to capture fine details and textures through its own software and takes about five minutes to digitalize a whole piece. What I love most about the Matter and Form is it was smoothly designed to fit into your workspace hence when the job is finished you just have to fold up the base which means “ no need for other storage case needed.

Here it’s a Review for TechCrunch

If you checked out, the variety of scanner listed in here ranges from USD 10 to USD 519, considering an average budget, although of course there are incredible products in the market, its price usually gets less accessible.

If you liked this post do not forget to rate it in the stars above. If your ideal 3D scanner does not appear in this list, please tell us below and tell us what your experience has been using it.

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