3D Scanning with ReconstructMe

3D Scanning with ReconstructMe 

3D printing and its related technology is getting more and more advanced day by day while making us astonished in lot of ways. Now the 3D printing is no more fully dependent on the CAD softwares, in which one has to design a proper 3D model in a software that just kinda resembles you physical object. Now you can use ReconstructMe technology to make your life easier.

There are different devices which are used for this purpose; the most popular is the Kinect which is developed by the Microsoft but nowadays mobile cameras and other cameras are also used for 3D scanning. For 3D Scanning two things are necessary one is the device like Kinect (camera) and other is the software. The software for this purpose is ReconstructMe which is a powerful software and enables the real time 3D scanning using devices like Kinect and cameras. This software is developed by the team of computer vision and robotics expert in a research company located nearby SteyrAustria. This software scan the whole object or a body and work just like a video camera and capture the object’s image from different  angles to make a 3D model. This is generally done by moving the object around which let camera or device used for scan to get the whole 3D shape of an object. ReconstructMe can scan different objects with different shapes and sizes. It can scan a human body and a whole room as well. There are lots of options which alters the 3D model according to size and shape required.

Real- time performance

ReconstructMe gives a real time performance which enables us to set the object accordingly. This is just like a live streaming of the object by capturing it from different angles rather by moving the camera or by moving the object. The proper posture of the object is very necessary for the proper 3D scanning so it is adjusted by getting the real-time data from the scanner.


It has compatibility with lot of the sensors which makes it more flexible for different users having different scanning devices. It is compatible with RGBD sensors developed by the different manufacturers such as ASUS Xtion family, Microsoft Kinect family, PrimeSense Carmine family. Some other compatible devices are Intel’s RealSense R200 and RealSense F200, Orbbec’s Astra S and Astra L, Asus’s Asus Xtion Pro and Asus Xtion Pro live and lot of other devices.


Scan different scales

It has the ability to scan the objects of different sizes it can scan the entire human body and can also scan a part of human body like arms, legs or the face. Not only a human body but it can also scale the entire room. Further the size of the 3D object is set according to the requirement like the 9 to 10 inch 3D printed whole body.

Metric units

The entire reconstruction by the software is performed in metric space. The results of ReconstructMe can be easily exported to the different CAD software having different formats like PLY, OBJ, STL, 3DS.

3D Self-Portraits

ReconstructMe has a unique option of 3D self portrait which is very useful. This is specially designed for the selfies. Using this option you can take selfies from your phone camera and it is reconstructed to a 3D selfie.

Installation of ReconstructMe

Installation of ReconstructMe is very simple. No actual explanation is needed here. ReconstructMe comes with an single click installer. After background wizards setup everything to get you started with scanning is right there at your fingertips.

PC minimum requirement

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better, 2GB of RAM
Video Card ATI Radeon HD 5700 or NVIDIA Geforce GT 240 or better
Update Driver 
Sensor Type ASUS Xtion Family or PrimeSense Carmine Family or Microsoft Kinect family
Update Driver 
ASUS XtionPrimeSenseMicrosoft Kinect
OS Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

There should be proper driver installed for the scanning devices such as for Kintect of Microsoft and Asus xinton their respective drivers should be installed. After installing the drivers for the scanning devices check the availability of the sensors in the device manager.

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