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Phanes 3D Printing Calculator WordPress Plugin Version 2

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Abacab Ltd., an Albuquerque, NM company just released version 2 of Phanes 3D Printing Calculator WordPress Plugin.  The plugin calculates Volume and/or Density of a STL file and provides instant quotes and payments. The plugin is designed to automate the 3D Printing Services industry for small businesses and freelancers who do not have the resources to spend tens of thousands to build their own instant quote calculator like

“This new version is loaded with more features than previous versions. The latest feature is density calculation which calculates the density of of the STL file based on the type of filament density in grams/cm3. This gives our clients the edge to accurately quote their 3d printing projects.” says Jon Acosto, founder and managing member of Abacab Ltd.

Many 3D printing services small businesses rely on for this attribute. This 3D Printing Calculator plugin allows them to be independent and make more money in the end.

Main Features of The 3D Printing Calculator

3D Printing Calculator plugin wordpress
3D Printing Calculator plugin wordpress


Volume calculation

Volume Calculation is the default calculation method for the plugin, furthermore most 3DP calculators use volume as their main method to provide instant quotes. In addition Density calculation is the latest feature for this plugin.

There is no limit as to how large of a file the calculator can handle. Rates are depended in the filament type that the seller have in stock.

Delayed Price Quotes

Provides instant quotes, but does not allow the customer to instantly checkout. Instead, the plugin will save the STL file order and allow you to double check the file and adjust the quote, if necessary. Once approved, the seller can submit the order approval and await for their customer to make the payment for order fulfillment.

Bulk Uploads

A feature that allow customers to upload multiple files for instant quote. This feature is great for projects that have multiple parts.

Paypal & Stripe

PayPal and Stripe is the two embedded payment integrations to allow sellers accept payments instantly.

Furthermore there are over 18 preset filament materials. Each have their density values based on various filament density reports online. Depending on the seller’s specifications, the preset material figures can also be edited and/or removed. In addition, sellers can add filament types that are not in the preset list.

The 3D Printing calculator can handle very large STL uploads, if the seller also modifies their PHP memory limits. This modification can be done through various methods. All methodsare documented at website. Sellers may probably have to upgrade their hosting plans, as some hosting plans have restrictive php memory limits. As long as the PHP memory limits are set properly, the sky is the limit as for how large of a file can be calculated. will furthermore be offering a web hosting solution to allow very large stl uploads in the coming weeks, as many hosting providers cap php memory uploads and post max size to 10-15mb.

Customer support and plugin upgrades are valid as long as the license is valid. Monthly newsletters are sent to customers notifying them on upgrades and bug fixes. Current customers get first hand testing on beta versions.

3D Printing Calculator plugin wordpressCurrent version does not have print time calculation. It also can not do scaling and infill adjustments. These features are being worked on for version 3.

WordPress sites that have an abundance of plugins may experience difficulty using the plugin. It is recommended that customers should do trial uploads, before advertising the new instant service. Support is available to make the process as seamless as possible.


You can also try the demos at:


Promotional Annual License of $39.95 for the plugin. Can be purchased at: Click Here

Abacab Ltd. is an E-Commerce Platform company comprised of niche digital properties in technology, such as 3DPrintNerd & CoolNerd – Comparison Shopping Engines, – A e-commerce platform development division.

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  1. mperkins37 says

    Pretty cool app. thanks

  2. Jon says

    The article forgot to mention the supported currencies:

    British Pound
    Chinese Yuan
    Australian Dollar

    If you need another currency, we can add the current in our next update.

    1. BoozeKashi says

      Just emailed you on that Jon.

      1. Jon says

        I responded, I believe.

  3. Paul Betz says

    This looks like a pretty promising app

  4. Jon Acosto ( says

    FYI, version 2.5 is out and we integrated with astroprint.

  5. Jon Acosto ( says

    Take a look at our version 3 demo. it is multi-platform

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