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3DPrinterChat.Com´s vibrant and informative website attracts over 350,000 visitors per month to its social sites and Website, providing ideal access for advertisers wishing to reach a highly targeted audience of adults with 3D Printing interests.

Visitors to our website may be looking for information relating to Filaments, 3D Printers and Support for specific 3D Printing needs.

We offer the following types of online adverting:

  • Website advert
  • E-newsletter featured advertising or sponsorship
  • Affiliated advertising

Website advert – $977 per quarteradvertising on 3dprinterchat

Your website advert will include up to 20 words, an image of your choice (logo or product photo) and a hyperlink to your website.

Advertisements may be placed on any of our web pages, but where you may be looking for a specific target audience or most viewed pages we can supply traffic data relevant to your decision-making.

Adverts are positioned on the right side, or the top right side of the web page.


Our monthly e-newsletter currently has 27,500 subscribers enthusiastic to Everything that involves 3D Printing and the list grows month by month.

  • Featured advert – £275 per quarter

  • Sponsorship – £650 per quarter

Affiliated advertising

We will consider affiliated advertising for products quality tested by a panel of 3DPrinterchat staff. Please contact us to discuss affiliated advertising.

Further information

For information on web traffic data or other information about advertising on our website or in our magazine, please contact Håkan Fägnell, Corporate Relationships, on +46729677406 or By Mail