3D Printed robots

3D Printed Robots & Figures

Another one in the mini series of what to do with my 3D printer, I made some 3D printed robots.

Big ,small , with or without electronics or just a figure or even just a figure with movable joints.There are a lot of choices out there – or just design your own using a package – maybe if you know how to use Blender create something for your Warhammer games etc.

As you probably know from some of my other posts I like to do a lot of research before I start on a project,get all the info and post as much information as I can to point you in the right direction to get going.

Robots – well there are lots of them out there , stl files can be found all over the internet. Test your printer with the Cura robot ? as below.

Cura_main - 3D printed robots
Cura Bot
curarobot - 3D printed robots
A very nice Cura Bot

Pretty cool for a printer test.

3D printed robots desings and files

A tiny little tough guy to protect your desk while you are away.

lilbrawler - 3D printed robots

This little guy lives on the grabcad website – you need an account with the website , however I have included the file in the download at the end of this blog.

3d-animator-3dghost-brings-creations-to-life-with-3d-printing-2 - 3D printed robots

3D printed project is a detailed model of his Gladiator animation, a hulking, fully armoured, and sword-laden figure. 3D Ghost explained his inspiration behind the design to 3Ders saying, “I’m working on some concept designs for a medieval game. The idea was to combine different armour styles, in this case a gladiator, with a classical knight armour.” Design influences, which include Blizzard Entertainment, who are responsible for such gaming hits as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, as well as From Software, whose games include Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Demon Souls.

The stl files for this one are out there – but I am still searching.

Robots with electronics

This will be the subject of another special blog post.

Robot Arms

Open Source Robotic Arm (Lite Arm i2) – 3D printed robots

by Armatec, published Oct 12, 2014 on Thingiverse

WP_20141223_001_preview_featured - 3D printed robots
3D printed robots

CLiteArm_i2_REV5_1.1_preview_featured - 3D printed robots

This one looks pretty interesting – I have included the notes from the source and the files to make it are included at the end of the post.


Dave Beck is making serious progress:
Update January 2nd, 2015
Changes are as follows:
We are working on the forward and inverse kinematics, and had to make changes to part 13B, 15B, and 18B, they are all followed by a “C” instead of “B” to note that a change has been made. The changes make the lengths precise to make perfect alignment in the geometry of the linkages. We will be adding the files for the electronics and software very soon. I archived the files from 2014 so the changes we make to the STL’s moving forward will not erase the work from the past, so you can note the progression or access the early files for whatever reason.
We have a great team working on the development of this arm, and we hope to make this a very useful and dynamic tool in 2015!

UPDATE 12.21.14

Added 14B_and_17B 2.1.stl (a cleaner part)

Replaced 14B and 17B with:
14B_and_17B 2.0.stl due to unstable files

Replaced 8B with 8B2.0 There was a discrepancy in part symmetry in association with part 7B.

“Lite Arm Iteration 2” is a further improved iteration of the first project:

Special Thanks to contributors to this project!
My local team:
Robert Cordtz -R&D (Bay Area California)
Chris Beck -R&D (Bay Area California)
Emmanuel Mota -R&D (Bay Area California)
Myself- Lance Pierson -Structural Design & Chief Agitator (Bay Area California)

My Online Contributors: (on Thingiverse)
David Beck /Dacb -Electronics and Software (Pacific Northwest)
Billie Jamerson /Reichenstein7 -Structural Design & Media (DC Metro)

Thank you to everyone else I did not mention!

Robots or Figures that move – 3D printed robots

Samuel N. Bernier, designed a very clever and cute version of the MAKER FAIRE ROBOT. It is fully articulated, with a total of 11 axis, printed all at once.

Just print this but and work the axis gently once removed from the build platform.

The robot can easily be scaled up, scaling down – try it and see what you get.

Paris_Maker_Faire_Robot_le_FabShop_06_preview_featured - 3D printed robots
3D printed robots

It takes 2 hours to print in standard mode , at the end of the blog there will be a link to all the files related to this blog.

My Favourite is called Robotica 

3D printed robots

Robotica is an articulated doll. The pieces are joined by elastic cords is all it takes to build once you have printed the pieces

All the files to 3D print Robotica are included in the download at the end of this post.

Designed by Sonia Verdu

Quote from Sonia

“ I have shared this doll without rights to market, but if you are interested in selling it, you can write me, I will give you the authorization to do so you only have to donate 10% of sales price to a charity. I help this foundation http://www.hopesanddreams.org/ , http://www.africadirecto.orgor http://quissos.org but you can choose whether you prefer to help with that 10% to other foundations of your country or another in which you have confidence. That is my condition.
If you do not want to sell her I hope you enjoy it !!!”

Build Instructions

You can choose a head with eyes to print, or eyeless head (this can paint easily and move your eyes, you can hold them with some kind of clay)
I recommend printing oh highest quality for good fitment. No need material support should be needed.

The elastic cord that best fits the figurine is 3mm in diameter.

Layer height(mm): 0.1
botton/top, Shell thickness(mm): 1.2 It is important for delicate parts of the hands and legs
Fill density%: 15
Print speed(mm/s): 40
Interior Support : none . But brim is important as there are only some little spots touching the build plate, in all except the feet pieces.
I’ve printed pla 210º (c)

A special note – Sonia painted the 3D printed items with nail varnish colours.

Download Files Link

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