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3D Printable Tools – For Your Workbench 2017

Every workshop needs a 3D Printer right? And every 3D Printer owner needs to use the 3D Printer for something meaningful, like printing tools. So now we are giving you another list on some of the best Tools you can actually use after being printed 2017. No Daniel Noree your 3D Wrench will Not be in this list.

3D Printed Sanding Stick By WorkshopBob on Thingiverse

3D Printed Sanding Stick

This tool is one of my favourites! Doesnt need much explenation at all and every workshop needs one! Get .STL here 


Hand-Screw Clamp

Clamps are known to break when 3d-printed but this one is fairly strong and I use it in my workshop now thanks to JakeJake on Thingiverse. Click here to Download STL.



SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover

For me having all my Filament rolls in a nice order is essential. These holders are perfect for that and keeps everything nice and tidy.

A completely enclosed spool holder, with a desiccant sachet pocket.
Designed to fit Fillamentum spools. Download it here.


Solder Hanger

3D Printed Solder Hanger

The Simplicity of this is what makes it so nice. Dmeyer302 really made a simple but extremely useful little hanger. I just had to make a couple and mount on my desks. You wanna make one? Then Get it Here 


Corner Roundover Template


roundover template

A handy little tool for marking corners on woodworking projects and the like.

Radii are 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm. You can Download the STL here.


Rotary Tool Stationery Holder

Maybe one of the more useful tools i found is this one. I had to tweak it abit though to hold my makita instead.

Rotary Tool Holder

Made by IronChariot and you can Download it here .


Dovetail Markers for Woodworking


Dovetail markers

Made by SableBadger we find these nifty little markers. Download the Stl´s here.


FLEXI – Solder Help

Ive been searching for some cool design for a Flexi, and this one really hit the spot.

The coolest Flexi Soldering holder out there

Get the STL for this one Here.


Small Items Organizer

I put my nuts all over the place and i need to find a way to really tuck them in so I printed this box.

Nuts holder

Give Cruzher some Cred and Get this design here.


45,60,90 Degree Cutting Guide

You will probably find yourself wishing you printed this even if you dont use it everyday.

45,60,90 Degree Cutting Guide

I scaled mine up a bit to take the larger pieces of wood i´m cutting. If you wanna Download Abapemilo´s design you can do so Here.



2 in 1 Woodworking Marking Gauge for Wood and Metal

It uses an IKEA pencil to mark parallel lines to an edge onto a surface. Its an often used tool in woodworking. You can also use any other normal pencil with similar size.

2 in 1 woodworking marking gauge for wood and metal with IKEA pencil and nail

This is a great little tool Download it from Frankenwaeldler on thingiverse.


Hand saw handle

Saw handle to 3d print

Just print it and add a couple of M4x10 mm hex socket screws plus nuts and you are done. Download it Here 


Banana for Scale – with Scale

Everyone knows the old expression “Banana for scale” right? Well now you can print one that u can use in your workshop that actually has a scale!

Banana for scale

Made by MaximSachs on thingiverse. Download it Here 


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