Low Poly Models: The Art of Vectors

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I’m not good at math, consequently not good in geometry either. But in 3DPrinting math is used all the time, and Low Poly models are no different. Low Poly models mean that the model has fewer triangles in its geometry. Making it simple and easy to generate G-Codes and print.

Today I will dig the holes of my favorites models websites and give you some models to print and decorate your house. =D

This post is inspired by a friend of mine that started a Facebook page called: Low Poly Ideas, and printed some low poly skulls and sell with cactus:

Shall we begin?

When you search on Thingiverse about Low Poly models, the first results will be the Pokemón models by Augustin Flowalistik.

You have Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander and others low poly models that you can print and start your Pokemón Journey.

Low Poly Pokemons MyMiniFactory

Following the Pokemóns we have a Darth Vader also designed by Augustin… Well, the guy is a machine to design great low poly models…

Low Poly Vader MyMiniFactory

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” Yoda

The Yoda was designed by Slavik, and he has a few Low Poly models on his Thingiverse account. =D

Low Poly Yoda

Moving to MyMiniFactory, to run a way a little bit from Augustin models, we have a low poly cloud, designed by Lloyd Roberts:

Low Poly Clouds

That is also a storage… Well, today Clouds are storages indeed… =D

Everyone like bowls, don’t you? It can serve your morning cereals or Doritos like is on this case. And may inspire you to take breakfast on the bed for your wife?

This is also a model made by Lloyd Roberts.

Low Poly Bowl

I like Owls, they are amazing birds, so it’s fair to have 3DPrinted Owls. And you have this amazing Low Poly Owl made by Erik R.

Low Poly Owl

The next model is a Chocobo, from Final Fantasy. This model was made by Kijai, and turn out awesome!

Low Poly Chocobo

A thing about Low Poly is that I think that is easier to make a finishing, like sanding and painting, since they have fewer details.

Back to the Pokemón World, we have a Mew, designed by Hairald. To be true with you, I loved the color and quality of the pink mew on that photo. The quality is amazing.

Low Poly Mew

Low Poly Sandal

This Low Poly Sandal, made by Franc Falco, can be printed using NinjaFlex and took about 15 hours to print each foot.

Last but not least, the inspiration for this post: Low Poly Skull

Low Poly Skull MyMiniFactory

This model was designed by Paul Cummings, and looks, from Paul words: Delightful

Well, Low Poly models are simple and cute, to print and decorate your house, room or office. On MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse you can find endless models, and test your skills to print it. And maybe mix some filaments and see the color result. Why not?

If you liked this post, or have any comments, let me know! Please share on your social media! =D

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That’s all folks!

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  1. Richard Bynum says

    I love the lines and corners in all these! It’s so artful!

  2. Juan Solis says

    Very nice selection of models, it’s difficult to choose a favorite one, it would be between the owl, the skull and the bowl, I may choose the bowl simply because I’m addicted to Doritos and that photo catch my eyes.

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