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3DPrinting for your Kitchen – What’s up there?

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Based on my previous lists, you can assume that all top 10 models of Thingiverse, Pinshape and MyMiniFactory aren’t useful stuff, mostly they are models to make your geeky life a bit happier. However, 3DPrinting could also make your life easier. To print models that you can use daily and maybe fix something that was broken. I recall seeing one or two 3DPrintingNerd videos in which Joel’s was making a fix on its fridge and other on his car.

So what would we find to help us in the Kitchen? Let’s start!

Kitchen Sponge holder

This model designed by Christian is a simple sponge holder with a few features that he explains in the description of the model:


“Want to live healthily?
Start with the details!
Your little yellow kitchen sponge probably contains more Bacteria than your hole Bathroom, but you’re cleaning your dinner plates with it!
With this little device, your sponge can dry much easier, and this causes the Bacteria to die.
Nice side effect, your kitchen stays clean and dry, the water flows directly into the sink.”





Ikea Hook?

I don’t about you guys, but here in Brazil we don’t have much Ikea’s stores, so we don’t have the same buzz that others countries have. However, this hook can be useful:


This model designed by Alex Gaudio it’s waiting for you on Thingiverse. =D

Imagine that hook printed in a lot of different colors? Would give you a nice touch in the kitchen.





Smart One Handed Bottle Opener

This model it’s lovely. It’s a bottle opener designed by Tino Kaartovuori from Finland. This model was based on an another one, made from aluminum by Mark Manger. It was made to be a keychain, but I think that is too big for a

keychain, I would rather put on my bag or something. It has a magnet to hold the bottle cap.







Crocodile Clips

These clips are funny! With sure this can bring some fun for you and your kids. It looks like an easy print, that doesn’t require any special addition to work and bite anything that you may want!


This model was designed by Murray Clark, and he has a lot of similar models that bites based on others animals like Cats, Scorpions, Woodpeckers, and Dinosaurs.






Moving from the useful to classic models:

Wine Holder

This model got me puzzled. How does it stand? Damn, I’d like to to have a 3DPrinter now and try to print it so I could test it. You have the same impression than me, that MyMiniFactory models are more classy than Thingiverse ones?


This design was made by Kirby Downey, and he has more than 100 models published on his MyMiniFactory Account.

The model is delightful to see and can be a huge decoration item in your kitchen or dining room.








Fire and Blood – GoT Glass Holder


If you are a Game of Thrones fan and cheers for Daenerys or Jon (And maybe Tyrion) of Targaryen House, this glass/cup holder should help you on it. I would by my Starbucks mocha and drink on it. xD

This model was designed by Cemal Cetinkaya, he has a few models to play around with glasses on his account.




Can Handles


This can handle helps you to not get your hands cold from the can, and helps you to maintain your drink cold since you don’t hold directly on the can. This model was designed by Bruce.






Spike Toothpick


This cute 3DPrinted Spike was a design made by Raymundo Rincon for a contest. It looks cool to use on your dinner table. I just think that you have a lot of work to put the toothpicks every time that this porcupine runs out of toothpicks.





Wave Lemon Slayer


An another model from Cemal Cetinkaya that can help you to make a Lemon Juice use on your Targaryen cup holder. The curves and the quality of this model made me chill. :3

This model can test your printer setup/calibration to guarantee that the curves can come out perfectly.








Last but not least, a magnet to decorate your fridge.

This cute purple octopus can make your refrigerator looks awesome and remember you of your daily to-do list. =D

This model was designed by Muzz64.

Muzz has a lot of fun models on his account that you should take a look.





Well, let me know in the comments below what you think of this list! If I get a lot of hits on this, I can make the Pt 2 of it! =D

And about How to 3DPrint food? Check this ->  How Tasty Can you ‘3DPrint’ Your Food?

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  1. Lori Mahan says

    I love this article. This helps me see what can be made with a printer. I have wanted one to use as a teaching tool in my classroom, but since they cost money, I have been a little hesitant. This helps me prove that I could “get my money back” with it since I can use it around the house too. Love the sponge holder and lemon squeeze. I could also make tooth brush holders, soap holders, and make-up brush holders. I really really want one!!!

  2. Tom Baxter says

    I love some of the designs here. I wonder what affect the acidity of the lemon will have on the plastic?

  3. Juan Solis says

    That’s a nice wine holder, also I have seen some 3d printed corkscrews, good to see that wine lovers have a good amount of models to print.

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