Turn on the lights: A list of 3D Printable lamps to decorate your house

A list of awesome lamps to decorate your house

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3DPrinting is an infinite universe. We start printing the Benchy and Marvin, and at the end of the day, we end printing houses and buildings. So what about 3D Printable Lamps?

Let there be light!

However, I’m going to stay in our reality, and list to your a few models of Lamps. This can sound like a simple subject, but be sure, what I’m about to show to you, will blow up your mind (Or at least I hope so.. ).

3D Printable Lamps – The List


Colour Changing Minecraft Cube

Minecraft Cube Lamps
Minecraft Cube


This one just entered my wishlist. I never played Minecraft, but I can have a model for it to decorate my room :3.

This cube is from the game, and it was designed by Kirby Downey. The plus of this model was a circuit that he added to the model, and change the color of the light. He programmed to go around red, green and blue.  I would add purple and print the model in black.



Skull Holder

 Lamps Multitask Skull
Multitask Skull



This is a multitask Skull. According to the designer, Jukka Seppänen, this skull can be a can or pen holder, or have a candle inside. That depends on the size that you want to print. This model also should make part of your next Halloween plan.






Voronoi Spiral Centerpiece / Vase

Voronoi Spiral Lamps
Voronoi Spiral


Now a bringing up a modern model. A model that you can print with several colors and decorate all house. You can use it on the side that is shown in the photo or flip it. This piece of art was designed by Andrew Reynolds. He suggests that you can use on the center of tables or weddings decorations.








SplashLight Lamps

This one is to scare a few relatives and make a good use of empty bottles:

This model was designed by Avooq Creations, and it’s compatible with the most common size of bottles. You just need to check the description on how to add the light, and you are done with it.

Remember that I said that I would list models that will blow your mind? Take a sit for the next one:




DNA Lamp

DNA Lamps
DNA Lamp


This one makes me remember of Matrix.

The DNA Lamp is a piece of art designed by João Duarte and was inspired by the Lava Lamps. He uses an Arduino and a few components to make the DNA part turn around and change the colors. You can find a full tutorial on how to make one on this Instructables link.He uses glow in the dark filament, to give the special effect together with the purple light.


“3DPrinting + Electronics = Change of the reality”



The next model is kind of futuristic:

LED Ring Lamp

Led Ring 3D Printable Lamps
Led Ring Lamp


Led’s, how wonderful they are. This futuristic model designed by Duncan Smith have a 3DPrinted part, the white ones, and the brown is a wood veneer to give a sophisticated finishing. Then you add the leds and start to play around with the colors that you want. On his blog, you have the full description of how to build it.






Artichoke Lamp Shade

Artichoke Lamps
Artichoke Lamp



This model looks classy. Maybe print one and put on your dinner table? Imagine if you print with wood filament, I think that would look gorgeous. This art was designed by gCreate. If you ever print one, let me know. I would like to see the result. 😉






Halloween skull lamps

Skull Lamps
Skull Lamp


This lamp was a submission from MingShiuan Tsai for a Halloween Contest.The catch here is how you dispose of the lights so the room can start to be creepy. She added swords, bats, and spiders that you can use to have other results on the patterns displayed.







Cellular Lamp

Cellular Lamps
Cellular Lamp


This is a model that will torture your printer and will take your skills on slicing setup to the limit. However, if you have a result like the one on the photo, it will be worthy. Or if the model turns out a spaghetti, it will be a lesson to the next one. This art was designed by Adam Smith.







Polaroid Style Wall Lamp

Polaroid Lamps
Polaroid Lamp


Looks cute isn’t? I think that this one fits a baby room or to be a background light in a room. Oh, it’s lovely. This art was designed by 3DRegan. She has a few models under her belt that worth a look. And you can design other views for it… Maybe a silhouette of a couple in love… I just gave you an idea for your wife/husband Christmas gift. Your welcome. 😉






Customizable Retro Lightbox


Custom LightBox 3D Printable Lamps
Custom LightBox


This one is to play around. With this model, you can use your creativity and the alphabet to write sentences. The retro look gives a 90’s feeling. The model was designed by Dennis Hofmann. With the customizable side, you can build the boxes with the size that you want. It has two kinds of fonts, and you can find all the letters and box stl’s in the model source.





Well, let me know in the comments below what you think about of this list and which models you will print!

Check out my previous post about my Printer Host: Atelier. Please do. I would love to hear from you!

That’s all folks!

Obs: *All the images displayed here are from the model’s sources on My Mini Factory.

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  1. Peter says

    What kind of software is needed to print these ?

  2. Ken says

    the led lamp is cool looking

  3. Marilyn says

    These designs are so cool. I had no idea of how many thing’s you can actually make.

  4. Braxten Brannon says

    Does it matter if you print the lamp in dark color say black? Or does it have to be light color?

  5. Mark Toribio says

    Those are pretty awesome!

  6. Karen says

    Very Cool!

  7. Jaro says

    Very nice, I might try these one day. I haven’t used my old MendelMax for ages.

  8. Harold says

    Nice collection of lamps. Any ideas about making an outdoor lamp to spice up my sconces?

  9. Tom Baxter says

    These designs are really great. I especially like the “multitask skull” lamp by Jukka Seppänen. You should look at some of their other designs as well. The Skull Island design is one of my favorites along with this lamp now!

  10. Simon says

    Love that splashlight.

  11. Richard Bynum says

    These are awesome!! I love the Voronoi Spiral Centerpiece / Vase that can be turned either up-right or upside down. It does look rather classy! And the DNA lamp is WAY cool! I would love to make all of them. Seeing this makes my mind race with ideas of what could be! And what a big difference I could make in the house using a 3D printer!

  12. Captain says

    Obrigado Lays,,nice job,,good stuff in the article. I like the links too and got signed up for more info. I like voronoi textures and am curios about all the new glow in the dark filaments. Have a good day

  13. Lori Mahan says

    Those are all really cool design, but I love the wine bottle one. the possibilities seem to be endless. I love this article- more like these please.

  14. Robert says

    These designs are just crazy cool. I never thought about doing this but how do people even think up some of these? That LED Ring light is my favorite – simple but futuristic like it came from a Star Trek set.

  15. Hans says

    These lamps must become mainstream…..

  16. Juan Solis says

    That DNA lamp looks great!

  17. Kim Barney says

    Really cool lamp!

  18. Dan says

    Nice list. Can’t wait to try some of these.

  19. Keith Sommerville says

    Really like the dna lamp. Christmas tree lamp mmm

  20. Stuart Hawton says

    That cellular lab is really cool

  21. Linda says

    wow that is so cool!!

  22. John Smith says

    These gorgeous lamp ideas are highly effective and worth the attention they intend. I would definitely use delta 3D printer to try printing one of them at home. Thanks for the great idea.


  23. Darren says

    Great looking lamps that I would enjoy to have in the home I will buy soon.

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