3D printing for kids: Top 11 fun and useful files to 3D Print for your Toddler

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Hi everybody! a couple of days after launching the  Top 10 3D Printing Projects for Kids I was asked by many people to find more age-appropriate things for their little ones, so here it is! funny but also useful tools specially designed for children under 5. This is what we call 3D printing for toddlers:

3D printing for toddlers — #1: Dino kids

So I decided to put these Dino toys First on the list because I love how little kids use their imagination to solve puzzle. The image below is a sample of the 3D models available:

3d printing for toddlers
Dino kids by fablabmalaga

Download the Dino Kids puzzle Here!

3D printing for toddlers — #2: Stacking box

When it comes to keeping the play’s room neat and tidy, you can never have to many boxes; a simple way to clear the area is to teach your child putting all things back in the box once he’s not using them. Definitely the kind of 3D printed object to have in your house.

3d printing for toddlers
Stacking box by CreativeTools

Download the STL file Here.

3D printing for toddlers — #3: Squigglepeeps: Viking Explorers Play set

Now, another lovely play set to 3D print! the model is so adorable it already counts on 28 made on thingiverse. So you can take a better look at them and teach someone to fight with Nordic warriors 😉 .

3d printing for toddlers
Squigglepeeps: Viking Explorers Playset by dutchmogul

Get the printable file for free Here.

3D printing for toddlers — #4: Bed for the elephant and chair for toddler

This multipurpose chair is perfect for both playing with dolls or taking a seat and watching a movie! I would recommend this for a 1-year-old but I’m sure it is resistant enough to manage a 3-years-old as well.

3D printing for toddlers
Bed for the elephant and chair for toddler by 3DDEDCLUB.

You can find the printable file for the toddler’s chair Here.

3D printing for toddlers — #5: 3D-printable sand play set

I can’t miss a classic like this; this is the perfect play set of 3D models for a day at the beach or at the park with the kids.  The set contains five easy-to-print 3D objects: a sifter, a shovel, a rake, a bucket and a mold for making sandcastle towers:

3d printing for toddlers
3D-printable sand play set by CreativeTools.

Download the printable files Here.

3D printing for toddlers — #6: Mini monster truck with suspension

These cute 3D printable Truck body and suspension prints in one piece. The print shown here was done with PLA using standard settings.

3d printing for toddlers
Mini Monster Truck With Suspension by jakejake.

Get the printable file by clicking Here.

Best part is you can find alternative designs for wheels, as well as new truck bodies on the library.

3D printing for toddlers — #7: Toddler sized chair

The Toddler sized chair was 3D printed and published by mumba just 3 months ago. I’m pretty sure I’d have loved to get one of these for my tea parties and stuff, they look so cute!

Start printing a sized chair for your child! download the printable file Here.

3D printing for toddlers — #8: Recycled CD Cases Doll’s House // Toy Shelves

Why not turning all those old CD cases into something fun? With a few simple 3D printed pieces (designed with FreeCAD) we can make a doll house or shelving units for toys. Construction toys are my favorite! You can use the 3D printed pieces to make all sorts of configurations. Plus you can use paper printouts (placing them inside the CD case where the CD cover was) to personalize your doll house or toy shelves.

3d printing for toddlers
Recycled CD Cases: Doll’s House // Toy Shelves by galile0.

Download Here.

3D printing for toddlers — #9: Baby Dory – Pixar finding Dory

Do Disney characters need more explanation? just DOWNLOAD the printable file and make a little child happy. Also you might want to watch movie marathon and eating popcorn while printing it.

3d printing for toddlers

3D printing for toddlers — #10: Animalz puzzle cube

Time for entertaining your toddler! The animal jigsaw puzzle cube comes with 6 different animals (Rabbit, Elephant, Catepillar, Dolphin, Hedgehog and Giraffe) and 6 snap in tiles to create the puzzle cube. Download Price: $9

3d printing for toddlers

You can purchase the printable file Here.

3D printing for toddlers — #11: Toddler-Proof iPad Mini Button Blocker

If your little kid loves using your iPad mini but he also likes to press the Home button for no reason (and he still too young to know how to re-open a specific app), here is the 3D printed solution! The author promises it’ll stick on tight enough your toddler couldn’t remove it, and completely cover up the home button.

3d printing for toddlers

Get the printable file for free. Click Here.

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  1. Richard Bynum says

    Using the CD cases is so simple but BRILLIANT!! Just make snaps for them! I would have rocked a massive GI-JOE fort if I had that as a kid…well if my parents were music lovers and had the cd cases to use…haha

  2. Jared Heifetz says

    I love these! I better start for my toddler! 🙂

  3. Tom Baxter says

    I am so making the Viking play set!

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