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10 Popular Models on Thingiverse

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Hi! Lays Rodrigues here! , I’m Back! ..=)

Today is my return as a writer on 3DPrinterChat, giving you useful(or less then useful) information about 3DPrinting and improving my skills, and maybe yours, in this field that I love so much.

So for my return, I choose to List the 10 most popular models on Thingiverse.

1: The 30$ 3D Scanner V5

This model helps you to build a 3DScanner and generate the models using Autodesk Remake Software.

The idea is that you use your phone headphones inside the table, and when you start to rotate it, it triggers your camera to take the pictures, taking around 50 pictures on each turn. Them when you have the photos you update to Remake and let it work to build your model. This trick using the headphones is for iPhones, because of this tricky feature on it. But I think if you do a good setup on your Android Camera you can get a similar behavior without the need of the headphones.

This is a result of a scan:

Thingiverse 3D Scanner

Looks good to me, and you?

2: Mechanical Laser Show

Now we move from the useful to the fun! yay!

Thingiverse Laser Show

With this model and a laser, you can project some patterns by quickly moving the handler. Using some math you can do your own projection. I think that kids may like this for 5 minutes and then drop away. But well, still sounds fun to me =D Also, this model is less than a month on Thingiverse, so soon will appear more “coins” of projection.

Thingiverse Laser Show

This model kind remembers me of this:

But the process was automatized xD

3: Parametric Hinge

Because everyone needs a Hinge:

Thingiverse Hinge

4: Baby Groot

Well, who remember that months ago Baby Groot got famous on the first trailer of Guardians of Galaxy 2? So a 3DPrint model soon shows up and all 3DPrinting groups got this fever that they needed to print this model, and variations start to appear and soon everyone had a Baby Groot at home.

Thingiverse Baby Groot

It is so cute isn’t?

5: 3DBenchy

Oh the 3DBenchy, the model that every 3DPrinter owner needs to print at least one time. This model is used to test, calibrate and benchmark your 3DPrinter.

Thingiverse 3DBenchy

6: Sanding Stick

Everyone needs to sand a 3DPrinted model at least once in your life. Even for remove remaining supports or strings that happen during the printing. This Thingiverse thing has a lot of variations of sticks to help you in this process.

Thingiverse Sanding Sticks7: Modular Mounting System

This model can hold your lightweight camera or your phone so you can make movies or take photos. Sounds useful if you want to take professional photos of your printed models in a mini studio or even record the printing and release a time-lapse of it. A 3dprint model that can hold things is always useful. =D

And this model looks very well designed to be flexible and be used in many positions.

You can check on how to time-lapse your 3DPrinting work here.

Thingiverse Modular Holder

8: Hamel Monohull Paddle Boat

I don’t have any words to describe this.

Thingiverse Boat

9: Headphone Stand

Like I said before, every 3dprint model that can holds something is useful. So the 9th most popular model on Thingiverse is a Headphone Stand. It’s a well-designed model from Makerbot.

Thingiverse Headphone Stand

10: The Hive – Stackable Hex Drawers

For you, that like to organize all screws, nuts, and others this model can be handy. You can print as many as you wish and stack them, creating a hive of drawers to organize everything that you want. In any size that you may want. Also a well-designed model.

Thingiverse Hive Drawers


Did you like this post? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Richard Bynum says

    I love all these! And no I didn’t know about being able to use my headphones to take pictures. Thanks!

    1. Lays Rodrigues says

      Your welcome! =D

  2. Jared Heifetz says

    Very cool, I already have come of these in my collection. Probably the best thing I have printed so far was a stand for my sunglasses. haha

  3. Э says

    Hey, nice list. Never knew about top 10 on thingiverse, kind of always wanted to know and there it is. And one of them is my design, yay 😀

  4. Richard Bynum says

    I have decided that my very first print will be of “Benchy”!! haha..I get my 3D-printer soon and I’ve been thinking of what all I can do and make and how much fun I’m gonna have! Im sure the first print I’ll need to do is one to check out if everything is working right. I have a feeling I’ll be printing A LOT of “Benchys”!! haha

  5. Tom Baxter says

    I too have printed out my share of Benchys. I also tend to print a “Pick of Destiny” from the Tenacious D movie. It is small, fast to print, and gives me an idea if the finished piece with the new material. Also my son gets another guitar pic!🤘

  6. Juan Solis says

    I’ve neever seen a 3d printer review where they don’t print the 3DBenchy as first test, the baby Groot would look great with a wood filament, but my favorite is the modular mounting system, seems very useful.

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