Stratasys and Bone 3D deal to deploy 3D printing across French hospitals

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Stratasys seems to be on the news lately, following their acquisition of Xaar,

The company is partnering with a french MedTech startup Bone 3D designed to put Stratasys 3D printing technology on the map of France’s medical professionals through bone 3D’s Hospifactory initiative,

It would enable healthcare institutions to have direct access to an immediate localized way of 3D printing important medical pieces of equipment,

patent specific anatomical models and medical devices.

3D printing hardware can be sub-contracted under this agreement by healthcare providers from Bone 3D,

giving them the direct means to fulfil their own production needs on-site, as well as support from Bone 3D technicians.

The agreement allows Bone 3D to invest in and supply Stratasys latest FDM,

and Polyjet 3D printing systems specific to the requirements of individual hospitals,

and medical institutions that are in the Hospifactory network.

Ensuing frontline workers get the very best of equipments

To date,

the company has invested in more than 30 Stratasys 3D printers.

Jeremy Adam, founder and CEO of Bone3D noted that in the earlier days of the covid pandemic,

There was an upsurge of 3D due to the world relying on 3D printers has shown faster,

and direct means of developing vital PPE to equip frontline healthcare workers,

ventilator parts and other vital medical equipment.


the dexterity and adaptability of 3D printing have created the above-mentioned upsurge in demand as hospitals searched for a means to develop maintenance parts,

rehabilitation parts and medical devices.

our Hospifactory initial will ensure that some of the market’s most advanced 3D printing technology is made accessible exactly where, and when they are needed by clinicians across the french hospital.

The latest partnership between Stratasys and Bone 3D follows last year’s distribution of 60 Stratasys FDM 3D printers by Bone 3D in the AP-HP in Paris,

to support the frontline fight against COVID-19.
Bone3D handled the operation implementation and support of the fleet,

which provided the AP-HP with its own in-house capability to develop PPE,

electrical syringe pumps, respirator valves and intubation equipment on-demand Fixing the flaws in traditionally manufactured equipment.

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