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MakerBot Announces New Solution to Simplify the ABS 3D Printing Workflow with the METHOD X Platform

Makerbot a Stratasys company, today announced a unique solution that simplifies 3D printing with ABS polymer material by efficiently streamlining workflow steps and decreasing the need for more equipment and additional costs.
Designed for high performance on the MakerBot METHOD X® and METHOD X Carbon fibre 3D printers. suited for printing varying industrial applications tospecificationsns, from production parts to manufacturing tools.
ABS is widely in demand, yet complex material to accurately print on a desktop 3D printer due to its tendency to warp, shrink, crack or curl under the wrong conditions.

ABS-R is a new ABS formulation that would enable superior printing reliability and performance for repeatable, dependable ABS prototypes,

parts and tools.
ABS is compatible with the new RapidRinse fast-dissolving support material to give the best print quality and user experience.

A one of a kind

The METHOD X’s heated chamber, a patented VECT™ (Variable Environmental Controlled Temperature) 110 Technology,

mixed with proprietary RapidRinse are developed to provide incomparable ABS parts easily as PLA but with better material properties,

Printing with RapidRinse on METHODX will most likely produce dimensionally precise ABS parts of ±0.2mm (±0.007 inch)2, boosting the engineer’s confidence in producing parts to spec.

Nadav Goshen, CEO,

MakerBot said,
” Our goal with METHOD has always been to make industrial 3D printing reliable, easy and precise on a desktop 3D printer.
we are continuing to deliver on that promise with the RapidRinse and ABs-R “
it was further added ” METHOD is the only desktop 3D printer in its price class with a heated chamber that can print varying advanced polymer, composites, and metal -all in one machine
moreover, RapidRinse is another stride taken with Stratasys in the firm’s ongoing efforts to encourage sustainable manufacturing practices and industry safety standards.

The RapidRinse and ABS-R add to the growing portfolio of METHOD’s advanced engineering-grade equipment.

MakerBot materials for METHOD are designed to meet the highest grade. and can print the same polymers, metals and composites found in identical manufacturing processes.

The rapid rise and ABS-R should be expected in December 2021.

Source: Businesswire, Yahoo Finance

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