Slicers: Which one to use?

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A few minutes ago I was rolling into my fb timeline and found this post about a comparison made between the most common slicers:

Slic3r –
Cura –
Simplify3D –
Craftware –

To evaluate these slicers, Angus (the guy in the video) choose these topics:

– STL Loading Speed
– Usability
– Undo/Redo
Gcode Preview
– Print Preview(Time and quantity of materials used)
– Advanced Features
– Cost efficiency

He also made an evaluation of the print results from each Gcode based on the list below.

– Raft
– Support Material
– Thin Walls
– Thin Columns
– Small Holes
– Peaks
– Bridging
– Layer Accuracy
– Text Legibility
– Top and Bottom Finish
Do you wanna know who wins this battle? Check the videos below!

The Channel “Makers Muse” is a good way to learn more about 3dprinting and have a lot of good tips. So, subscribe to his channel to track coming videos!

They cover topics such as:

3D Printer, 3D Scanner and filament reviews.
Mesh editing tutorials with Meshmixer and other free software.
Ripping 3D Files from Games for 3D Printing.

See ya!

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  1. hogge says

    My 3D Printer will not play with me no matter what Slicer! haha

  2. 3D-PT says

    Should you ever buy a slicer program? or are the free ones good enough for most 3d printers?

    1. Lays Rodrigues says

      Well. Simplify3D is the only slicer that is pay for it. And by the experience of the user that i read on 3dprint groups, it is worth buy a license. But I use Cura, and works well for me. What are they saying is the new version of Cura will compete with Simplify3D face to face. In this case, we need to wait to see what will happen.

    2. JG says

      SELFCAD is my favorite, and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out

  3. Bojan says

    Definitely Simplify3D. Although it is paid, it is among very best, if not the best one.

  4. Ario says

    Thanks for great videos.

  5. Craig says

    Slic3r is my favorite one and I recommend it

  6. [email protected] says

    Thanks for the great video. There is just so much information to be learned about these things.

  7. Richard Bynum says

    Nice video and info! Thanks for posting!

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