A few minutes ago I was rolling into my fb timeline and found this post about a comparison made between the most common slicers:

Slic3r – http://slic3r.org/
Cura – https://ultimaker.com/en/products/
Simplify3D – https://www.simplify3d.com/
Craftware – https://craftunique.com/craftware

To evaluate these slicers, Angus (the guy in the video) choose these topics:

– STL Loading Speed
– Usability
– Undo/Redo
– Gcode Preview
– Print Preview(Time and quantity of materials used)
– Advanced Features
– Cost efficiency

He also made an evaluation of the print results from each Gcode based on the list below.

– Raft
– Support Material
– Thin Walls
– Thin Columns
– Small Holes
– Peaks
– Bridging
– Layer Accuracy
– Text Legibility
– Top and Bottom Finish
Do you wanna know who wins this battle? Check the videos below!



The Channel “Makers Muse” is a good way to learn more about 3dprinting and have a lot of good tips. So, subscribe to his channel to track coming videos!

They cover topics such as:

3D Printer, 3D Scanner and filament reviews.
Mesh editing tutorials with Meshmixer and other free software.
Ripping 3D Files from Games for 3D Printing.

See ya!



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