Sindoh partners with RIZE to leverage their new 3D printing materials

Sindoh partners with RIZE to leverage their new 3D printing materials

The South Korea-based 3D printer manufacturer Sindoh Co., Ltd. has entered a partnership with RIZE. The new collaboration will enable users to produce safe and sustainable 3D printed products, leveraging RIZIUM composite materials for its desktop 2X and the industrial 7X printers.

The Additive manufacturing duo announced the partnership at 3DEXPERIENCE World in Nashville, Tennessee, the collaboration is said to open up new markets for both vendors and promote the adoption of safe and sustainable 3D printing.

Sindoh, which has been manufacturing office printing solutions since the 1960s, will now offer customers of its 2X desktop and 7X large-format 3DWOX printers the option to use RIZE’s RIZIUM filament-based polymers, renowned for their zero emissions, sustainability and durability.

Automated 3D Printing Market is Expected to Reach USD 8,970.67 Million by 2025 and this partnership will enable these companies to grab a piece of the pie, targeting customers in both the industrial space and education sector of which RIZE recently announced as a fast-growing market for its Augmented Polymer Deposition technology for the latter.

RIZE and Sindoh are said to be cooperating on R&D activities to enable both printers to support the RIZIUM portfolio of materials which currently includes RIZIUM ONE base material, RIZIUM CARBON engineering-grade thermoplastic reinforced with carbon fiber, and soon a new glass fiber composite.

“Sindoh is a proven technology leader with a wide array of 3D Printing offerings, and together we can complement each other’s strengths to capture rising demand for next-generation additive manufacturing technologies.” Andy Kalambi, CEO of RIZE commented on the partnership.

Speaking about the collaboration, Byoungbag Lee, CEO of Sindoh, added: “RIZE’s unique technology will upgrade Sindoh 3D printers and enable to penetrate into the industry segment in a much stronger position as well as the education sector. This will definitely show the synergy effect of how two companies’ strengths working together.”

“We’re seeing the next generation of fused filament fabrication arrive on the market, with solutions using higher performance materials at lower total operating costs that are enabling applications like tooling jigs and fixtures, and even functional parts and prototypes,” said Tim Greene, research director, 3D printing, at IDC.

“These new materials are strong, durable, moisture-resistant and safe from emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while allowing lower levels of material waste. Engineering and design companies that want to give their teams the best tools to achieve the best outcomes should look carefully at these next-generation options and when the time is right to bring them onboard,” IDC’s Greene said.

Last year RIZE became the first 3D printer manufacturer to obtain UL 2904 GREENGUARD certification for indoor air safety and low emissions, for both its printer and materials, making it an attractive option for use in non-industrial environments such as offices and schools.

RIZE joins a number of 3D printing companies making announcements at 3DEXPERIENCE World this week including Stratasys which launched a new full-color printer and 3D Systems which announced a new add-on for SOLIDWORKS CAD software.

Sindoh is a long-established company in South Korea’s printing market. Founded in 1960, the company gained awareness with its line of copiers, fax and digital multi-function printers (MFP). In the European 3D printing market, the company is known for its collaboration with Japanese brand Mimaki in the development of an FDM 3D Printer.

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