Print Out Your Next home

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Let’s imagine this, You buy a house,

Wait a couple of months or even a year for it to be completed,
Then you move in….. in between when you move in and when you bought the house, you rake in a bunch of expenses.
What if you could cut through all that and get your home in a couple of days?
That would be nice, won’t it?
All across California, a new set of houses have been selling rapidly,
and in the past couple of months, more than 100 have been scooped off the market.
With houses that beats the conventional mode of construction, it’s no surprise.
All across Europe and America, these houses have been taking up steam,
However, The use cases of 3d printing have always been phenomenal, from glasses to batteries to aeroplane components.
The best part of its creation is that the parts and components can be assembled within a couple of houses,
by varying their shapes and sometimes the material of each layer, objects that wouldn’t normally be produced with conventional methods are easily created.

The houses are also built to be as eco friendly as possible with no waste in the materials used in creating them.

In 2015 the first 3d printed house was created in Yugoslavia, we have come a long way from the stone age of caves.

With the ease of building 3d house, it’s little wonder why it is so readily accepted.

Materials used in making 3d houses, from raw earth to even moon rocks and dust.

The future of Architecture is shaking hands with 3d printing.

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