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lithium-ion versus 3d printed Battery

3d printed solid-stet lithium-ion battery
The future is almost here. 3D-printed solid-state battery

The future of batteries?

In the 1800s Alessandro created the first true battery, the voltaic pile.
There was no such thing as electricity, skip a few hundred years we have lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries power up our phones, laptops and electric vehicles and even our watches.
Technology continues to innovate on finding better ways to create batteries that are self-sustaining and ideally safer for the environment.

The next cutting edge, they say is the solid-state battery- maybe even 3d printed ones, at that.
3D printing startup Sakuu created a solid-state battery that it believes beats the achievement of current lithium batteries.
Produced alongside Sakuu’s additive manufacturing platform- the small.3 ampere-hour cell is about the capacity of three AAA batteries.
It allows the company to drop multiple materials into a single layer.
“To get the highest energy density batteries,

We want to minimize the volume of all the elements that are”not adding anything to the performance of the battery,” Karl Littau, chief technology officer of Sakku, told IEEE Spectrum.

Deaing with Dentrites

“That’s the kind of thing that printing enables.”
A major problem in any battery is dendrites, causing short outs and even fire, the startup aims to solve this by layering materials of different stabilities between the anode and cathode like a sandwich to control those mean filaments.
“The safety concern is a big concern for electric vehicle batteries; you sit on top of the battery,” xi Li told IEEE Spectrum.

Based in San Jose, Calif,

Sakku has refined its solid-state battery capacity by 100 in the last year and the energy efficiency has grown 12 times it’s original.
Sakku hopes to advance its prototype printer to a more automated printer by the next quarter of the year.
Moreover, 3d printing opens up a whole new prospect with batteries that aren’t harmful to the environment,

as the current lithium-ion and of course less dense to be efficient and sustainable.

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