Meet Public Autoquoter Tool, the latest 3D printing software launched by MakerOs

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This time I bring you good news for your 3D printing purchasing habits and business; But first, let’s talk about the company who made this possible; MakerOs is a Detroit-Based company which offers all-in-one business management solutions through 3D printing software. In fact, its latest feature is Public Autoquoter, which was just added to its cloud-based business management tool. It allows 3D printing businesses to quickly generate accurate quotes for their products via their websites.

Let’s face it; Many of us own one or two 3D printers with which we can make a few bucks. And for those who aren’t making money with their 3D printers yet, you should start now. The point is that, making price quotes can be one of the most tedious parts of a 3D printing service.

Of course there are some quoting alternatives for a 3D printing business. For instance, you could implement calculators which can give you a price approximation and price range, but you need to do a few modifications in the numbers anyway, so you  would require a few more skills than the average.

MakerOs thought about all factors and solved the problem in a simple way. It uses a cloud business management platform for any kind of user, 3D printing bussines or maker. This isn’t actually something new; A beta of the product was released in 2015, but it evolved during the last years as it raised a financing of $ 530,000 USD to improve this 3D Printing Software.

MakerOs latest 3D printing Software interface.
MakerOs latest 3D printing Software interface.

MakerOs’ Public Autoquoter: a 3D printing software with multiple beneffits

The diverse features offered by this 3D printing software feature make it easy to manage 3D printing businesses and maximize their production by reducing 3D printing time. These features are:

  • Ease of integration and customization in the administration panel.
  • Tag management
  • Customizing colors
  • Logos
  • E-mail

Another great advantage of this software is its compatibility with different CMS, such as Wodrpress and Suqrespace.

“This is the automatic quote system I’ve been dreaming of for over 4 years. Companies that use MakerOS can obtain the ease of customization and implementation without compromising their profitability; Is a game changer for the 3D printing industry. “ Said Mike Moceri, founder and CEO of MakerOs.

Price quote tools for 3D printing services can be hugely beneficial to businesses and customers, as they allow users  to “compare” prices by giving them an idea of ​​how much a particular printing service will cost, depending on the materials and other primary factors.

¿How does Public Autoquoter works?

Public Autoquoter’s Interface.

Simple, the first thing we have to do is create an account on MakerOS platform and then proceed to activate it. Then the tool will be activated and ready to use.

*Users must link a bank account to their MakerOs account.

For linking websites just use a simple line of inframes code within the html; similarly, linking to the inventory of users allows an accurate analysis as to the costs of each print.

Finally, what I liked the most about Public Autoquoter is the “abandoned cart” option. Many people (including myself) surf the internet, but as we do, we leave the cart abandoned as we never complete a purchase; Companies use different remarketing strategies so that the users complete the purchasing process and based on these statistics they make improvements on their online stores. Through Public Autoquoter companies can visualize hundreds of customers whose carts have been abandoned and it also offers options to reach those customers and manage to fulfill the order, thus companies manage to increase the number of sales.

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  1. Jared Heifetz says

    Very interesting. Nice to see the other options out there.

  2. mperkins37 says

    Anything to make quotes easier!!

  3. BoozeKashi says

    Interesting, but MakerOS itself is a bit expensive for small business and has some strange requirements that are difficult if you are outside of the US.

    It would be very interesting to compare Public Autoquoter with DigiFabster and Kabuku MMS and Phanes Price Quote Tool.

    Cost per year/user, cost per quote, accuracy of quote by using the same set of models for all 4 services, etc.

    Each has its Pros and Cons but I have never seen a good comparison article.

    1. Jon Acosto ( says

      I can write a comparison article, but I would be biased, since I own Phanes. lol.

      If you want my opinion and if its worth anything, then I will make it as honest as possible.

      makeros, kabuku MMS, and digifabster have a great platform. They are expensive on the outside, but I don’t think they get the market yet.

      there is another platform on wordpress, – just a bit more affordable than my platform, lots of aesthetic features, which many of my users have asked for and am working on for version 3.

      My platform, its a great all-in-one package. e-commerce implemented, affordable, lots of functional features such as bulk uploads, minimum price features, and etc. Right now, I would say, Phanes is more like 1980s IBM DOS vs 1980s Mac. IBM had a lot of great functions that were affordable, but not as aesthetically pleasing as 1980s Mac. We’re working on that and turning adding more tools that will exceed the competitors. I can’t divulge more than what I already had. But I’ll add this tidbit, I just integrated my platform with Astroprint.

      1. Mike Moceri says

        Jon, our team at MakerOS has decades of combined experience in the manufacturing, software, and 3D printing industries. Working with some of the top publicly traded OEMs and software providers, I assure you we understand the market better than most.


    2. Mike Moceri says

      $20/user is very affordable for B2B software as a service. The credit card processing fee for MakerOS is adjustable depending on your volume of transactions on a custom basis.

      We are the most affordable, scalable, and functional option on the market.

  4. mperkins37 says

    Good points Booze.. like to see comparitave article as well

  5. mperkins37 says

    I need my new content fix, hopefully tomorrow

  6. mperkins37 says

    Seems very flexable & user friendly

  7. mperkins37 says

    Been a week since new posts

  8. Jared Heifetz says

    Excited to see the next article!

  9. mperkins37 says

    Was hoping for new posts today.. Monday and all

  10. mperkins37 says

    Still no new articles?

    1. Jon Acosto ( says

      just submitted something to Hakan regarding advertising your 3DP business on google. He may submit it tomorrow, IDK. he’s been busy, lately.

  11. mperkins37 says

    Thanks looking forward to it

  12. Jared Heifetz says

    Same, can’t wait to read it 🙂

  13. mperkins37 says

    still nothing new eh? Bummer read em all

  14. Jared Heifetz says

    Looking forward to the next article! 🙂

  15. Richard Bynum says

    This was interesting to read. I am still new to 3D printing and I don’t have any plans for the future other than getting better at printing. But I could see a time (a year from now or longer) for doing prints for people. But I was wondering how many people are searching for someone with a 3D printer? What kind of prints are people asking you to do? Parts for broken things they have around the house- electronics, toys, household items? That’s still kind of cool. Do you come up with things to sell on a website?

  16. Darren says

    Awesome looking software I will have to use on my 3D printer when I purchase one this year.

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