3D Printing as Advertising

3D Printing as Advertising
A new advertising trend is arising in the world of 3D printing. Companies outside of the 3D printing world have started to create accounts in file sharing sites to directly provide advertising materials to the public. Heineken ice bucket, beer coaster, and bottle opener on their Thingiverse site Heineken Beer stared the trend in 3D printable advertising by releasing 3... Read More

3D printer Bed Auto-Leveling (A must have!)

3D printer Bed Auto-Leveling  (A must have!)
What is the bed auto leveling feature? See this video! RepRap Bed Auto Leveling - Alex Borro Now, this is a MUST HAVE for most printers. Had you ever felt tired of having to re-calibrate the endstop on the Z axis? Or tightening the screws on the bed every day? Well, unless you have high-end printer, you probably know... Read More