Governments are trying to control what you can print.

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Get involved on 3d printed gun problem

I don’t normally jump in on the anti-gun issues or the 3d printed gun issues but please stay with me, this is bigger than the US and our love/hatred for the second amendment. We need to pay attention to the information laws being passed these days. 3d printing has become huge and a lot of rich people with connections are scared, instead of embracing the tech they are openly trying to pass laws to keep us from using 3d printers. They are also trying to spread miss information about 3d printing, like that it’s dying. I can think of 3 articles I have seen in just the past couple months on just that subject spread by people that have little to no knowledge at all about 3d printing. But things are starting to get worse.

Censorship Imminent

Today Popular Science Posted an article on the Ruling Stating that 3d printed gun files are not protected under freedom of speech. I know some of you are thinking “So what? We don’t need 3D Printed guns”. I’m not here to debated gun control. Digital information just took a huge blow. We are being told that this is knowledge we can’t own. “because it’s dangerous” How long till they use this to apply to a letter opener (a stretch I know)? Or until they Decide that a design looks too close to a product someone wants taken down gets places like Thingiverse or youmagin shut down. Digital censorship of any kind is a bad road to travel down. The community needs to start focusing on this sort of thing.

Ordinarily, of course, the protection of constitutional rights would be the highest public interest at issue in a case. That is not necessarily true here, however, because the State Department has asserted a very strong public interest in national defense and national security. Indeed, the State Department’s stated interest in preventing foreign nationals—including all manner of enemies of this country—from obtaining technical data on how to produce weapons and weapon parts is not merely tangentially related to national defense and national security; it lies squarely within that interest.

That is a quote from the ruling.  Between this and corporate attempt to push piracy laws that will make it harder for companies to sell 3d printers and makers to use them, we are in a lot more trouble than most people think.  If no one stands up to contest things like this, we can all expect things to only get more restricted to the point where owning a 3d printer cold be illegal in some places.  I for one don’t want to see that happen. If you do nothing else at least start the conversation. If enough people talk about it someone will eventually hear it that can do something about it. All I want is to spread the word and keep the 3d printing community informed. Please share and start the conversation.


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  1. Ludovic says

    No this is not cool we can not even print what we want

    1. scotts says

      I have seen more people in the stores, the streets, when they pass someone they lower their eyes fearful of other people. It’s a sad state that to many only look for threats and danger, if you do that, then that is what you will see not the beauty that is out there, the good that anything can offer. 3D printing has changed the lives of thousands, and it wasn’t done by the companies making the printer but the users of 3D printing. A person was in extreme pain and all they could do is shove more narcotics at him. and they stopped and never worked because it is nerve pain. He used the scans they did of his spine and 3D printed his own spine, now the doctors could find where the pain was coming from and stop it. Without 3D printing being available the rest of his life would have been torture ,but now he is pain free. Skin grafts 3D printed, & now a liver 3D printed these innovations came about from users. Not the companies making the printers. Wake up don’t let fear rule over you if you do you are going to be herded and controlled by it and those that use it as a weapon. If gun control was so great a way to stop shootings then why is it that only places that get attacked are where there is no guns, or even a means to protect your self.

  2. Jarred says

    This is a very dangerous first step, that could lead to the suppression of a lot of creativity down the line.

  3. RobtJr60 says

    More over reach and infringement of our Civil Liberties by the government.

  4. Eddie says

    This is an abomination… and we keep telling ourselves we live in a free country

  5. Lee says

    Slippery slopes often begin with good intentions.

  6. Irene says

    I undertand that posting information that could endanger our national security should be illegal. I do not think that freedom of speech means we can commit treason. But just ilke I think that we cannot allow our right to keep and bear arms for legal purposes such as hunting and target shooting to be taken away from us, that doesn’t mean that I think we should be allowed to arm ourselves with military assault weapons.

  7. [email protected] says

    That is just a bunch of crap. I am so sick of the Government trying to control everything. They need to step back and trust us to ourselves.

  8. Chemy says

    I honestly think even if the goverment puts a law in front of it they won’t stop it from happening, what it can create is a illegal market instead of a regulation

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