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3D printing categories every girl should take a look at

I just decided go through some of the most popular 3d printing platforms to see what’s coming up lately. The thing is all 3dprintable file browsers resulted way stifling from the perspective that everything was too widespread for both genders — not to mention most of the items seemed like kind of spam for my taste — this is basically why I started a list about 3D printing for girls with some categories that we all might like (and if you’re not a girl, I’m pretty sure one of them will come up on your mind as soon as you read some of the categories below).

Some items are free download .stl files, depending on the source; some others are not the kind of stuff I would print by my own (at least for now) but anyway got my consumer attention for sure.

3D printing for girls 1rst Category: Clothing, shoes.

Of course first 3D printing category for women is about what we commonly dress up. I’m the kind of girl who rather customized over mainstream or massive. And when it comes to 3D printing, I personally think you do not only get a fancy outfit, you also get to sound all fancy when you tell people what it is, even when not all 3D printed outfits are as expensive as they look (some of the things below actually have a free download version).


Shoes - 3D printing for girls

Palmiga Multi Ribbon Sandals V4.11. Printed with TPU filament; my fav part is the download file for free! 

I’ve seen tons of ‘unique’ high heels designs, nevertheless, my lifestyle constantly asks for both comfort and adaptability, therefore sports shoes are my always choice. Besides conventional sneakers are not an option anymore when you look at the pair below and imagine how stylish and comfortable your day would be:

New Balance Shoes with 3D-Printed midsoles

New balance - 3D printing for girls

 And, what about clothing? web applications like Kinematics Cloth allows you to design complex, customized products.

Dress - 3D printing for girls
Kinematics dress by Nervous System: the dress was 3D printed as a single folded piece at the Shapeways factory in New York City and required no assembly.

Kinematics Bodice

Dress - 3D printing for girls
It is composed of 1,320 unique hinged pieces, and was 3D-printed in a single folded piece.

3D printing for girls 2nd Category: Accessories

The secret of an infallible look most of the times is straightly related with the accessories you have on, hence the importance of keeping up with 3D printed accessories the market offers. Like Mexican president says: “The little things are not counted, but actually count a lot” Below is a sample of what I’m talking about:

Phone case

Flora Iphone 6 Plus Case.

Iphone case phone - 3D printing for girls
All I can see is a flawless call.


Voronoi bag #1.

Voronio Bag - 3D printing for girls
Inspired by the use of Voronoi diagrams made by ThingFuture

3D printing for girls 3rd Category: items & gadgets

The sort of things included in 3rd category are not necessary feminine, however, who wouldn’t want to start saving money after that catastrophic shopping time?

Piggy money box

Piggy Moneybox - 3D printing for girls
Piggy Money box

Stand magnetic nail polish

Nail Stand - 3D printing for girls
Designed by bulgakova.tanya. This stand for easy retention of the magnet over the nail. It will help to easily use magnetic polish. Stay beautiful!

Loom rubber band clip-connector

Rubber conection - 3D printing for girls
Keeping everything neat (yes, including my rubber bands) is one of my daily life goals. Published on Thingiverse Sep 26, 2014 by fuco

Makeup Holder

Makeup holder - 3D printing for girls
My mornings would be much easier if I printed 5 of these containers. Published Jun 8, 2015 by Msystemsrl

Bed Prism Spectacles

Bed Glasess  - 3D printing for girls
I’ve never try them but doesn’t sound as weird as they look: Enjoy Reading in bed or watching TV while reclining.

3D printing for girls 4rd Category: Jewelry

I know this could have been included in the second category, but at least personally, fine jewelry holds a special place in my tastes, and therefore in my heart. So I decided not mixing with other accessories to dedicate it a single category:


 Pentagonal Hexacontahedron

Pentagonal Hexacontahedron - 3D printing for girls
Pentagonal Hexacontahedron, a 3D Printed solid Sterling Silver (925) bracelet designed by Mathgrrl. Hand polished and finished in the UK. Published Apr 3, 2014

Of course 3D prints using metal filaments are not as affordable as conventional ones, but we are not conventional girls, our interest in 3dprinting is not common! However, there are a few accessories on Thingiverse and Myminifactory 3D printed with conventional filaments I wouldn’t mind wearing in a friendly reunion or school day:

Bracelet made of wavy surface with voronoi pattern.

Bracelet on picture was made on single extruder printer with 30 degree support and was polished with acetone vapor.
3D printing categories every girl should take a look at 2

Chainmail bracelet

Chainmail - 3D printing for girls
Chianmail improved by gpvillamil, published Jul 18, 2014.

Morpheus custom makes jewelry from images using 3d printing technology. Customizable rings are a hit now:

Bird Ring - 3D printing for girls
Bird 3D printed ring.

Complete collections:

FLORAFORM - 3D printing for girls

3D printing for girls 5th Category: Home Decor

3D Printed Vases

Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero has designed mesh-like sculptural shells that are intended to be placed on top of half-liter plastic bottles, making modern vases from what might have been tossed in the trash
3D printing categories every girl should take a look at 3

Animal trophies

3D printing for girls
A gorgeous animal trophies all the fun with out the killing.

Classic sculptures

3D printing for girls
Using 3D printing Tech as Home Deco gives you the advantage of customizing every single piece creating unique environments for your place.

I’m sure you now have got some specific inspo of what is coming up for you as a girl with a 3D printer. You can keep browsing from the site of your preference, just remember rating my post if you’d like to see more 3D printing categories like these, or tell me about another topic so I can look for printable files to put here around. Does not matter how old you are, trying any of what is included in this list will change your lifestyle for good!

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