Foodini 3D printer brought to India by Imaginarium.

Foodini, a 3D printer for food, has arrived in India thanks to Imaginarium.

The Foodini food 3D printer, built by Barcelona-based Natural Machines, will be distributed in India by Imaginarium, one of India’s top 3D printing companies.

Imaginarium,a provider of additive manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries including engineering,education, automotive, and medicine, is expanding its 3D Printing portfolio to include the Foodini to serve the food and beverage industry.
The 3D printer uses pneumatic extrusion technology to force food pastes down from a capsule into the nozzle and print them into complicated designs.A precision control system precisely moves the capsule, creating forms that may subsequently be piled layer by layer to create true three-dimensional food products.

Foodini can print a wide variety of components, ranging from savoury nibbles to desserts.

Foodini is a cutting-edge kitchen appliance that brings together technology, food, art, and design. Chefs, hotels, culinary schools, restaurants, labs, and food brands can use it as an automation device.
The food 3D printer, developed by Barcelona-based Natural Machines in 2021, was a forerunner among commercial food 3D printing systems.

It was one of the first 3D printers designed specifically for use with food, using food-grade and food-safe materials. Emilio Sepulveda and Lynette Kucsma, co-founders of Natural Machines, are both passionate about healthy nutrition.

As a result, Natural Machines couldn’t solely focus on bakery sweets, And they both believed in the macro-trends toward healthier eating: people want to know what they’re eating,

what’s in it, and where it comes from.

foodini 3edprinter

Foodini adapting to individual versions of a healthy diet

Because everyone’s vision of a healthy diet is different, food technology – including Foodini – must accommodate what your vision of a healthy diet is.

No one food regime is right for everyone.

As a result, Natural Machines does not require users to purchase pre-filled food capsules to use Foodini.

Foodini ships with empty stainless steel food capsules that you can fill with your fresh ingredients,

allowing users to control the foods they eat.

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