Falectra electric motorcycle

Falectra, the electric motorcycle prototype made with 3D printed parts

Unveiling Falectra, the 3D-printed electric motorcycle prototype

His name is Piotr Krzyczkowsk and he has created Poland’s first electric motorcycle prototype using a 3D printer to make it cheaper and faster to assemble.

falectra electric motorcycle

Back in 2016, this young Polish designer came up with the electric motorcycle idea while he was studying at the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan (Italy). It was there that he developed the idea that owns a name which certainly attracts attention: Falectra.

Piotr spent two years of his life designing, patenting and manufacturing this electric vehicle, which is currently a prototype. It occurred to him to do it using a 3D printer since he believes that:

“a project, when it is only displayed in a virtual way, is not enough to convince someone to invest in the idea”.

Falectra electric motorcycle prototype

Counting on the inicial design and with the collaboration of Zortrax, a company that focuses on 3D object printing, he decided to take out his model for much less money than it would be to build the prototype with other materials.

However, not all the motorcycle is made in the 3D printer. Only “the parts necessary to assemble the prototype.” according to Krzyczkowski, although it does not specify what parts are. The thing is 3D printing made the manufacturing process cost up to seven times less.

moto eléctrica
The material Piotr used was the Z-Ultrat filament, quite hard and strong enough to use on the motorcycle. Source: Computerhoy.

Although Falectra is still a prototype, I have some data that could approach the production model:

  1. It is capable of traveling 70 km with a single charge of its batteries. Although we don’t know its capacity yet, but we know that
  2. Falectra reaches a maximum speed of 60 km / h.

In addition to this first electric prototype, its creator plans to make another ten to test them in a real environment. Once they pass the road tests, it will be time to start manufacturing them in series. For now, the idea is to go on the market in 2021 for a price of 3,300 euros.

Falectra prototypes
Falectra Prototypes.

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