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COVID-19 Helped 3D Printing

Many see the pandemic as the downfall of the industry.  But for the 3D printing industry, they have received a much-needed booster shot.  Manufacturers are looking at the current rise in interest as a prelude to an uptick in printer and material sales.


3D printing filled the hole created by the large demand for much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE).  Hobbyists throughout the world donated their time and material to offer face shields, swabs, masks, and ventilators, to name just a few.  This has brought free coverage for the hobby from the press, which in the past has looked at our hobby but not seen it for what it could be.

What does this all Mean?

More people taking an interest in this hobby means innovation and lower prices.  These are the things we have sought from the beginning.  So, when you see those nurses and doctors on the news wearing donated face shields and masks, understand it is a step forward for the hobby.  Things can only get better from this point.

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