CAD tools on Blender ? Yes we can!

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CAD tools on Blender? Yes we can!

Hi folks Your Favourite 3dprinterchat blogger Mr G Razgriz here!

Everyday someone asks me about precision modeling using Blender and/or if it has some tools and commands like a CAD software have. YES of course! Its so easy and can make you work faster! So lets see how it works, starting with the native precision tools!

Metrics – Blender:Properties - Blender

In projects that demand precision we must enable Blender Metrics first, so we can see the correct sizes of the parts, diameter etc. So just go to the Scene tab and choose the proper units system to do the job. Active tab Scene metric - Blender Now the object have the correct units for the project! To gain access to the properties options just press “N”.

The Mirror Modifier- Metrics – Blender :

This tool make symmetry of one or all parts of the project so lets see how it works.

First of all, create an object and take it to the edit mode :

edit mode - Blender

Now just make a cut in the area that you want simmetry :

blender cut - Blender

Now, delete the faces in cutted area :

cut del faces - Blender

Its time to make the object solid again, so just select all faces and press “F” !

fil face - Blender

Now, its time to activate the Mirror tool! We can make it navigating through the Modifiers menu :

mirror - Blender

And to finish just select the wanted axis!

select axis - Blender

This is it for today guys! See you all on the next post! Or check out one of my other posts like How Much To Charge?

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