Aprecia and Purdue announces a partnership to focus on 3D pharmaceutical printing

Aprecia and Purdue announce a partnership to focus on 3D pharmaceutical printing

Purdue University’s College of Pharmacy, a public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, and Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a global leader in 3D pharmaceutical manufacturing, yesterday announced a partnership between the two entities. The collaboration seeks to advance the technology and science of 3D-printed pharmaceutical equipment and medications.

Technological advancement in bio-printing is fast taking shape due to the many research endeavours going on recently, Aprecia believes this partnership will go a long way to generate resources for this category of medical science and development and help meet the needs of patients, as Aprecia CEO Chris Gilmore expressed.

“Aprecia’s mission is to maximize and expand its 3DP technology platform through global partnerships that will provide pharmaceutical solutions for unmet patient needs. Purdue University is an esteemed institution, and we are confident that this partnership will advance our future in 3DP pharmaceutical research and development.”

Aprecia, the world’s first and only FDA-validated, commercial-scale three-dimensional printing (3DP) pharmaceutical manufacturer, as stated on their website – developed the first 3D-printed medication to receive FDA approval in 2015.

Purdue’s collab with Aprecia

Eric Barker, dean of Purdue’s College of Pharmacy, also appreciated the collaboration, stating the mutual benefit each entity will receive including the exchange of faculty and research scholars; access to highly educated students; and joint collaborations in research and discovery, learning and teaching, engagement and technical assistance.

Aprecia and purdue announces partnership

“Purdue University is committed to its investment in drug discovery and development as well as student and faculty enrichment that will continue to yield global advancement in medicine and health care,” Barker said.

“As a college, our mission is to prepare the next generation of leaders in pharmacy. Partnering with Aprecia aligns perfectly with that mission. We are excited to combine our talented students and faculty with the successful researchers at Aprecia to work together to accelerate discoveries in this emerging field,” he continued.

Details on the projects the duo will carry out together are not yet available. We will be sure to update you once we have the information, so stay connected.

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