Myminifactory 3D file marketplace releases 3D print and delivery service

Myminifactory 3D file marketplace releases 3D print and delivery service

3D printable models marketplace Myminifactory has launched a 3D print and delivery service to add to its list of services offered. The new platform targets 3D print hobbyists are haven’t yet got a 3D printer for themselves.

The London-based marketplace which hosts over 100,000 3D printable designs, seeks to provide further services to its marketplace service to designers, makers, and general enthusiasts where sellers can host and sell already 3D printed objects. The company expects high demand for the service, especially from enthusiasts who still own personal desktop 3D printers.

The new service called “3DPrinted & Delivered” allows sellers of 3D printable designs to add a “comes 3D printed” option to their products on sale. This allows buyers to order professional 3D prints of your favourite 3D designs from MyMiniFactory, printed, post-processed and delivered directly to their door.

Products that support this feature will have a 3D printed and delivered flag in the upper right-hand corner of the product image.

Myminifactory partners with shop3D

Myminifactory has partnered with  Shop3D to make the service possible. Shop3D is an on-demand manufacturing tool for online e-commerce that makes digital files available in physical form through professional 3D printing and delivery.

Once an order is placed, a 3D print and deliver command will be sent to Shop3D. The object will be 3D printed, post-processed, and delivered, which will take about 2 weeks.

3DPrinted & Delivered is in its early stages, which means only selected designs are offered and available through the service. Currently, 3D prints are only available in resin.

“The rapid growth of the tabletop gaming market is an exciting opportunity for 3D designers. As crowdfunding numbers continue to increase, we’ve witnessed a growing interest in running campaigns for STL files. Our pledge manager provides the infrastructure for the 3D printing community to earn more money and spend less time managing their crowdfunding pledges.” Nebojsa Nikolic, COO of MyMiniFactory, said in a statement.

The service currently provides a total of 40 miniatures from 3D designers: ArtisanGuild, Printed Obsession, and Armians, with dozens more expected to be made available in the coming weeks. Full-colour 3D printed miniatures are also in the pipeline as the program grows out of beta testing.

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