Anomalisa a movie made with 3D printing.

Anomalissa the 3D printed movie. Personally, I’m a huge fan of movies and i enjoy when a good movie uses good efects and has an incredible script movies are an amazing  way to entertainment, we watch all kind of genderes. The game is changing we need more effects, drama, better scripts and the filmic industry knows it.

That’s wy now I’m going to tell you about <> a movie of 80 minutes, the whole movie uses  the technique: “Stop-motion”

plot: the main character is a professional motivator than, then more he help’s the people, everyone seems and sounds the same. Until a girl´s voice sounds different and he is willing to abandon everything and everyone to achieve happiness with her.

anomalisa - 3d printed movie

a 3d printed movie sounds pretty cool to me.

The animator César Linga, says that the 3d printing has a huge impact on the creative process on this film. to make the viewer forgot that this is an animated film, the make the dolls looks hyper – realistic as close to reality as possible.

but how they do that?

“It was one of the toughest jobs in wich I have worked, beceause the  auhenticity.  For every shot, we met with the director and  in order to get real movement, first i recorded myself so that we didn’t pass any details. ” Said Cesar Diaz.

Cesar burgos, spent eight months in Los Angeles, giving life to this dolls to they look like humans. This proyect needed to create 1,260 different faces made it with 3D printers, real hair, clothing and removable parts like mouths for all the type of expressions and all vowels to speak.

anomalisa - 3d printed movie

He said , if you need it something, your order it and they made it in 48 hours the delivered to you.

Cesar Diaz, who rubbed shoulders with Tim Burton’s Franken Weenie, he had a lot of patience. Every second of the film is made with more than 24 photographs, and each image incorporates tiny movements.

The animation process is so meticulous and precise, for Anomalisa, they recorded an average of two seconds per day, representing 48 different images, it’s like two seconds of film.

Frame by frame, movement to movements this movie is a pretty amazing, with this we know that 3D printing is changing all the things, the impact for all the possibilities is beyond us, we just need a little of imagination and the printer would do it.

anomalisa - 3d printed movie

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