The ZYYX Pro II launched by swedish based ZYYX Labs

ZYYX launches the new pro system printer

Sweden-based manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, ZYYX Labs AB announced the launch of its new ZYYX Pro system.

Created for the office and classroom, The FDM 3D printer focuses on inconvenience for indoor use and is marketed as very quiet and odourless.
The machine builds upon the previously released ZYYX Pro; it features a build chamber measured at 285 x 235 x 210mm and is suitable for functional models and end-use parts such as jigs and fixtures.

the CEO of ZYYX Labs, Tomas Bengtsson, explains, “Many of our customers noted the need to develop production prototypes in an easier way in an office environment without having to set up a soundproof printer room with extraction.

The company created key pieces in ZYYX Pro II for the printer to be as quiet as possible.”

ZYYX Labs launched at the business incubator Stena Centre within Chalmers University in Gothenburg back in 2013. And operates in Högsbo, south of the center of the city.
Additionally, ZYYX Labs created a wide range of polymer and composite filaments for compatible use with its systems.
it also includes ZYYZ Pro Carbon, ZYYX PETG-CF, and ZYYX ProGlass.


zyyx 3d printer

The ZYYX Pro II features health and safety as a core part of its system.
it incorporates its self-developed filtering system into the 3D printer: Office Safe ultra.
Combining a HEPA H13 filter with activated carbon to remove up to 99.5% of ultrafine particles and odours,
reducing almost completely the risk of harmful exposure in office spaces and classrooms.
To make the ZYYX Pro as soundproof as possible, it also has a cooling system and a 500watts power supply.

The fan was supplied by Noctua and Arctic are known for their proficiency In the low-noise gaming PC area,

the printer prints at just 38DB (A) with all of its heating elements operating.

It also has a new hardened steel Swifttool2 printhead, now insulated with a silicon hood,
Available in varying sizes, the printhead offers a high nozzle temperature of 275°C and is suited to ZYYX Labs’ entire portfolio of high-performance polymer and composite filaments.
More features of ZYYX Pro-II include auto-leveling, a detachable build plate, remote build management, and material monitoring.
it is noted by CEO Bengtsson that the ZYYX Pro II fills a market divide: the need to print advanced composite materials in a simple, secure, and cost-effective way.

The Pro ii is a very flexible machine that we are proud to be able to introduce to the world market.

Pricing and specifications

The ZYXX Pro II is available in two formats: educational and engineering.
and starting price starts from $5,250

  • Build volume: 285 x 235 x 210mm
  • Dimensions: 441 x 465 x 457mm
  • Weight: : 25.5kg
  • Extruder temperature: 100–275 °C
  • Chamber temperature: Up to 75°C
  • Max resolution: 11 microns (XY), 50 microns (Z)
  • Print speed: Up to 200mm/s
  • Connectivity: SD, USB, Ethernet

Source: ZYYX Labs

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