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5 3D prints sure to help you get your game on.

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On thing, I love doing with my 3D Printers is finding things around my house to mod,replace or repair with them. It really is nice to run to the store every time I need to fix something. Sure there are things I can’t fix with my printer but these are things I should also probably call a professional to fix anyway. No, we won’t talk about the time I tried to replace some sink plumbing with a 3d print. Nope, not going to talk about that. I have gone through my house driving my family nuts testing 3d prints on them and I have no plan to stop anytime soon.  I don’t care if the door fell off a cabinet, do you know how much a hinge costs? Yes, they are cheap but I didn’t have to drive into town to replace it. Ok jokes aside I have found some fun 3D gaming prints to get you in a gaming mood.

1) Bluetooth Gamepad  – 3D gaming prints

3D gaming printsThis was a fun print and build. Adafruit comes up with a lot of cool DIY builds and this is no exception. They packed a full gamepad into something pocketable that you can use to get your game on with any Bluetooth enabled device. This one is the first print I made to test my flex filament and I have 2 of these now.











2) Nintendo 3Ds Stylus  – 3D gaming prints

3D gaming printsMy son goes through stylus (styli?) more often than I’d like. It doesn’t help that Nintendo charges way to0 much for the official ones and even the cheap ones get expensive after you buy them for the 20th time.  This is a great little print and if he looses it I can print another for pennies. Needless to say with a little work you can print one for just about any Gameboy model.











3) PS4 controller stand – 3D gaming prints

3D gaming printsI own a few PS4 controllers I also have a son that needs to learn to put stuff away. This is a great little stand. Keep your controllers organized and display them in a way that will impress your friends and confound your enemies.










4)Xbox one Controller Faceplate – 3D gaming prints

3D gaming printsThis is the reason I’m waiting for my wood filament to come in. I already printed one of these in abs to test the fit and it’s great. I want to do a wood faceplate and stain it. It should look amazing. This is also a great print if you are considering modding your controller to a scuff style controller. It will really turn heads when it comes time to school your friends at mortal combat.











5) The PiGRRL Zero – 3D gaming prints

3D gaming printsThe Retro gamer in me straight fell in love with the Raspberry PI. I have built a few Retro consoles at this point. I even hooked a friend up with a PSone that was gutted and used to house a PI for Christmas one year. It’s safe to say I’m a PI addict and when the PI Zero came out I knew I would do a micro Pi console build. It just happens that adafruit beat me to designing a case. I’m working on some mods that will add sound but other than that this is a great gamer project. I also want to do a clear case out of acrylic but that’s just me.










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  1. Juan Solis says

    I agree, the stained wood controller would look awesome!, also I would add some engraving on it.

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