3d systems launches full color 3d printer

3D Systems releases new full color 3D printer, materials and software updates

A range of new 3D Printing Products and software updates from 3D Systems is now available

3D Systems CEO Vyomesh “VJ” Joshi
3D Systems CEO Vyomesh “VJ” Joshi.

3D printing is part of  an innovative world. We all want to improve our designs and 3D print them in less time. Therefore this constantly releasing of new materials is necessary, and today is not the exception. 3D Systems, one of the giants in this industry, listened to their customers all around the world, announcing us a variety of new filaments, software updates and a new full color 3D printer.

It seems like the Investment casting, jewelry and dental markets will love these new updates. MultiJet just made an incredible expansion on their 3D printing material on stock. The New ProJet® MJP 2500W and VisiJet® M2 CAST RealWax™ material are ready for plenty variety of applications.

New VisiJet 3D Printing materials

Made up with properties for snap-fit assemblies applications. The new VisiJet materials for the MJP 2500 platforms include VisiJet M2R-TN, which is optimal for dental models since it delivers amazing visual color for contrast and precision. Another new materials are: rigid black (VisiJet M2R-BK), rigid white (VisiJet M2R-WT) and rigid clear (VisiJet M2R-CL).

Dental model material in rigid tan (VisiJet M2R-TN).
Dental model material in rigid tan (VisiJet M2R-TN).

New Metal 3D Printing Materials

If you are looking for precision in Metal 3D printers, the new LaserForm materials are right for you. Yes, they are exclusive for 3D Systems printers, so if you are involved in healthcare, aerospace or dental care I know you would be very satisfied as well.

LaserForm Ni625 (A)

This one is a great material for high temperature and corrosion resistance applications because it mixes nickel, cobalt and chrome. LaserForm Ni625 (A) ensures you the reduction of time and costs over conventional production methods on industrial applications.

3d systems 3d printing materials 1

LaserForm CoCrF75 (A)

With a pure cobalt chrome color, Cocrf75  is well suited for industrial parts requiring resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. Another important area where this material is helpful is in Medicine, either for medical tools or devices; dental implants and prostheses.

3d systems 3d printing materials 2

LaserForm 17-4PH (A)

A stainless steel material corrosion resistance with high strength and toughness.

3d systems 3d printing materials 3

LaserForm AlSi10Mg (A)

With an aluminum color, it is for lighter weights parts; A good option for mechanical purposes and high thermal conductivity. Appropiate for automobile Industry and aerospace applications.

3d systems 3d printing materials 4

New 3D Printing Software updates

Nevertheless, Not all is about Materials. Software is as well essential on 3D printing just like new features, new plugins and new codes are. This time 3D Systems introduced DMP Vision, a monitoring process for the new and existing ProX DMP 320. This Software enables image data collection layer by layer plus analytics in order to help customers increase precision on their metal printing workflow.


A workflow Software for metal printers will be hitting next month. 3DXpert reduces design and print time while producing better parts by combining optimal preparations and shape optimization with it slicing capabilities.

3D Sprint

The company also extended its 3D Sprint™ software across the MultiJet 3D printer family. The software provides design, preparation and management tools to streamline the 3D printing process, saving customers time and money. 3D Sprint software is available for download as a value add for 3D Systems’ users.

“Our most recent developments expand the capabilities and innovation of our customers across key verticals to dramatically improve their digital workflow,..” said Jim Ruder, Senior Vice President of Plastics, 3D Systems: “We are committed to providing solutions that deliver productivity, repeatability, durability and improved total cost of operations to drive real 3D production for our customers.”

New ProJet CJP 260Plus 3D printer

The new ProJet CJP 260Plus 3D printer is oriented for healthcare and concept modeling in order to accelerate products development. Besides that, it is a fast and affordable full-color 3D printer ideal for all your projects that also offers a closed -loop powder loading, removal and recycling system.

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