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3D Printing Jewellery

Jewellery models from MyMiniFactory

14 5,360

3D printing is limitless, but your imagination sets its limits. So let your imagination explore. Today I will show you, what jewelry designers do with this wonderful technology. Let’s go!

As always, My Mini Factory is the best place for this subject. They have a category only for jewellery:

My Mini Factory Jewellery
My Mini Factory

As always people can surprise you with their models. First, let’s check some pendants:

Voronoi Pendant by Lisa Marks

Voronoi Pendant Jewellery
Voronoi Pendant


Lisa created this astonishing Voronoi Pendant. She polished the print and then cast in sterling silver. 3DPrint a Voronoi is always a stress test for your printer,  try it out and you may learn a lot about it.






Yer Twisted Heart by MrLugs

Twisted Heart Jewellery
Twisted Heart


This gorgeous design by MrLugs was printed using SLA technique, what added a classy touch on this Twisted Heart. It is really a delicate model and I don’t know about the quality if it was to be printed using our traditional FDM printers. You can check the model link to see the model after the SLA print.





I think that most models of Jewellery, at least the small ones like rings and pendants, will have a better result and finishing using SLA printers since they use to have microns(0.02mm) of resolution instead of the millimeters(0.2mm) resolution of the FDM Printers.

Leaving the Voronoi shape now to arrive at music:

Violin Earring designed by Tibor Rak

Guitar Earring Jewellery
Guitar Earring



This model is lovely. Tibor Rak has skills in the modeling and finishing of this gorgeous earring. The final result is awesome. He used FDM printers to print, but apparently, this model wasn’t a challenge for the printer.




For the love of the Cat!

Cat Necklace designed by Christophe Nys

Cat Pendant Jewellery
Cat Pendant


Sadly the pic doesn’t show how awesome this Geometry Cat is, but is the end goal what is worth. This would be a lovely Christmas gift for your cat friend. Anyone has a cat friend. I bet that you have one. =D






The next necklace is awesome, I already asked a friend to print for me:

Whatever Necklace designed by Vectary

Whatever Necklace Jewellery
Whatever Necklace


How awesome would be to walk around with “Whatever” hanging on your neck? Damn, I think that would be SO MUCH AWESOME! hahaha And apparently Vectary is a tool that helps you to create 3DWords and has the Google Fonts as options for fonts. I think that worth a check. On Their site, they have a video about the tool that totally worth a check.




Let’s get back to the classy designs:

Catalan Bracelet designed by Mathgrrl

Catalan Bracelet Jewellery
Catalan Bracelet


This is just the first of a lot of models of bracelets that have the same base, where the designers play with geometry. However, this Catalan Bracelet has a classy design and it is beautiful. For women that enjoy this kind of Jewell, it is worth a print. Also, Mathgrrl has a few models under her/his belt that worth a look.





What about Feather Earrings? They are a thing too…

 Feather Earrings  designed by Michal Fanta

Feather Earring 2 Jewellery
Feather Earring 2
Feather Earring 1 Jewellery
Feather Earring 1










Michal has a few models under his account at MMF. On the Earrings part, he has more than 10 models that I was able to count. I choose the Feathers Earrings to show you, but you can check on his account what he has done in our wonderful world of 3DPrinting models. Those earrings totally fit summer or autumn time. Why not print one to gift your wife/girlfriend? Christmas is coming.


Skull Pendant designed by Stefanos


Skull Pendant Jewellery
Skull Pendant



This Skull Pendant is full of details and was designed by Stefanos specifically for printing on SLA/DLP 3DPrinters. If I had one I would totally print this Skull. Kind looks like the Mexican Skulls… Don’t you think?





Daenerys: Do you want to be The Hand of the King?

Hand of The King Pendant designed by EDV

Hand of The King Jewellery
Hand of The King


If you ever watched Game of Thrones you know what I’m talking about. 3DPrinting give us the opportunity to replicate objects of our favorites shows and print to have our own.

In this case, EDV did the Hand of The King, and now you can try to substitute Turion for the next season of GOT.




Well, let me know in the comments below what you think about of this list and which models you will print!

Check out my previous post about my a 3DPrinted Roller Coaster. Please do. I would love to hear from you!

That’s all folks!

Obs: *All the images displayed here are from the model’s sources on My Mini Factory.

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  1. Derek Thomas says

    Great was looking for something just like this

  2. Stuart Hawton says

    If I get a printer I would print some jewelry for my mom and sister

    Thanks: Stuart

  3. Tom Baxter says

    The detail on these prints is amazing! I really wish I could get an SLA printer, as my MonoPrice Select mini is not going to be able to handle details like that! lol

  4. Adam says

    What A great article, Thank you.

  5. Tina F says

    OMG this is so amazing.I love this printer and hw amazing it can make things such as jewelry.

  6. Richard Bynum says

    That violin is really nice. I love the style the printer came up with! Your right about the limit being our own imagination. The other limit is not having an SLA printer..haha. I love to see complicated geometry and twists and bends. It makes the prints more interesting. I’m not one much for skulls but the design of that one is really neat! It’s so cool to think anyone with a 3D printer can draw out a design on paper and in a matter of hours have that design come to life in the real world!

  7. John Smith says

    The idea of 3D printing a jeweled text and wearing it as a necklace is such a great idea. No wonder, this is so interesting for the ladies who wish to wear new jewels and accessories almost every day.

  8. Thuy says

    I have never even seen a casted silver jewelry made from a 3d print.

  9. Lori Mahan says

    I make jewelry (dabble really) in sterling silver and this would make life so much more fun and interesting. I need a 3d printer first though.

  10. Juan Solis says

    Some of these would look awesome in brass or bronze, like the skull pendant.

  11. Linda Beghtel says

    This looks like just the thing I would love!

  12. Darren Scrubb says

    Great looking jewelry that I hope to make with my own machine in the near future.

  13. Ronan says

    A very inspiring article.

  14. Calvin says

    Can make some cool diy gifts with this high tech

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