smart filament dehydrator that brings your filament back to life with a touch of a button

The Hex 3D printer filament dehumidifier

if your 3D printing filament requires some TLC and has collected too much moisture from the air,causing your 3D prints to distort. You might be interested in a new 3D printing filament dehydrator that, according to its designers, can restore your 3D filament to life at the push of a button.
When you witness little bubbles appearing during the print because the water is evaporating when it touches the heated printhead, you know your 3D printing filament has moisture intrusion.

Small bubbles can be evident in the final print, which degrades the final quality and necessitates additional post-print work to get a smooth finish.

Early bird pledges for the recently launched initiative are now available for as little as $49 or £37. (depending on current exchange rates).

With Hex, you can get rid of moisture from your 3D printing filament.

Hex dehumidifier

Hex “A clever filament dehydrator that brings your filament back to life at the push of a button” removes moisture from your 3D printer filament. There are no sophisticated settings or a user interface. The powerful arrangement can dehumidify the chamber in just 10 minutes while using very little power. Perfect prints eliminate the need for time-consuming post-processing.

Because recovering your filament is a straightforward operation, we designed Hex° to be as simple as possible. The only thing on my mind was to GET THE WATER AND HUMIDITY OUT.”

If the Hex crowd fundraising effort meets its pledge goal and the project runs well, worldwide distribution is planned to begin in May 2022.
“Hex was created to be long-lasting and resilient.

Hex° is designed to execute the task it was created to do over and over again using simple circuitry, sturdy materials, and high-quality components. Presets are pointless and misleading because you can’t overheat dry filament (unless you melt it). Isn’t it much easier to just press a button and forget about it?”

“THETA° is a renewable energy technology firm that is paving the way for a more sustainable, brighter future.” This is true for all goods. Everything we made is and will be better than anything else because, for the future to be sustainable, every last bit of it must be used efficiently.

Source : Kickstarter

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