Chan Lee’s Open-sourced 3D printable prosthetic arm for cycling

Developed by brilliant Industrial designer Chan Lee. ‘ZENOS’, is an open sourced 3D printable prosthetic arm for amputees who love doing MTB and cycling. The product aims to deliver a more affordable alternative than current prosthetics on the market.

Problems of current prosthesis
‘ZENOS’ 3D printable arm. All images courtesy of Chan Lee.

Current prosthetic arms are out of reach for a substancial portion of the population

Mountain Biking is one of the most popular outdooor activities in amputee comunity. However, traditional prostheses on the market are mostly expensive and require additional bike set up. Then ‘ZENOS’ comes up as an open source solution that both users or designers can download anywhere for free. And it’s also easy to assemble, meaning it doesn’t require any additional setup to connect this device to the handlebars.

3D Printable Prosthetic
3D Printable Prosthetic arm not-assmbled yet.

Unique features: ZENOS has an easy-lock and quick-release system and an easily-adjustable shock-absorbing elbow. In addition, the elbow comes with a custom-tuned bike shock that reduces impact on the shoulder.

3D printed prosthetic arm during performance.
3D printed prosthetic arm during performance.

The ‘open source’ 3D printed prosthetic arm encourages the community begin to create their own medical aids. Anyone can make adjustments or modifications to suit their individual needs. It also provides amputees a great chance to enjoy a range of outdoor activities and challenge their limits.

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