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Chan Lee’s Open-sourced 3D printable prosthetic arm for cycling

Developed by brilliant Industrial designer Chan Lee. 'ZENOS', is an open sourced 3D printable prosthetic arm for amputees who love doing MTB and cycling.
MyMiniFactory accessibility

How can 3DPrinting help on accessibility?

How can we make the world a better place? With an act of kindness. With a few hours of your 3DPrinter, you can change someone's life!

3D Printing on Healthcare; How Makers can change people lives.

3D printing has come a long way these days. There is a printer for just about anything you can think of making. Want to...
3d printing in science

4 uses of 3dprinting in science

Today I'm going to show you some different uses of 3d printing in science. Well, 3D printing isn't only to print the Eiffel Tower. Print organs and bones Organs...
e-nable 3d-printing

Mão 3D – The project that is changing lifes for the kids in Brazil

E-Nable and  3D-Printing Inspired by the sad tale of a South African carpenter who was in dire need of a highly flexible and low-cost alternative...