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Open meals develops a machine that 3D prints Sushi

Eastern company Open Meals unveiled at the technology fair “South by SouthWest (SXSW)” a 3D printer able to ‘extrude’ pieces of sushi. Wanna try a piece of the Future?

Sushi printed
A 3D printer that ‘extrudes’ sushi. Open meals uses a system of robotic arms and 3D printers that are fed with biodata to create 5 mm edible gel cubes that pile up to resemble sushi forms.

The 3D printer connects to a digital platform that has stored the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the sushi, according to its flavor, nutrients and chemical characteristics.

With this information, the machine extrudes little cubes or pixels based on various edible gels that acquire in advance the taste of the foods that were previously selected.

Image source: Open Meals.

Hundreds of onlookers went to see live how the machine worked during South by Southwest (SXSW) tradeshow. As a result, the 3D printer became one of the great attractions of the entire exhibition.

Open Meals plans to open a restaurant in Tokyo in 2020

Another curious fact is that the menu will not only offer conventional three-dimensional printed meals. As weird as it sounds, the restaurant will also ask diners to leave a urine or blood test. But why?

Well, once they gather each client’s sample, the company promises to create “dishes in a more personalized way”, according to the biological profile of the applicant.


The robotic arm making sushi just like a professional sushi chef is a must see.

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