New disposable support filament by SABIC

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SABIC introduces its new AMS31F support filament

One of worldwide’s chemical sector authorities, SABIC, announced the launching of its new AMS31F material, a breakaway support filament for FDM technology. The AMS31F keeps rigid during printing and provides exceptional flexibility during post-processing to enable speed removal of scaffolding at room temperature. These unique features can help reducing average time to get final pieces.

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3D printed Automotive oil pump using SABIC’s ULTEM™ AM9085F filament and new AMS31F disposable support filament.

The new AMS31F is for use with SABIC’s ULTEM ™ AM9085F material. The latter is a high performance polyetherimide (PEI) filament that provides very high heat resistance and mechanical strenght. It means it can be used for potential aerospace applications, as well as for automotive, oil & gas and tooling applications.

“Using structural supports to print parts with complex geometries is essential, but it can also be quite challenging. Removing traditional supports from the finished part often involves time-consuming processes that can negatively impact productivity and quality. By offering a complementary support material for our ULTEM™ AM9085F filament, SABIC is providing a complete material solution that helps customers save time and effort. Additionally, the ease of support material removal provides part designers greater flexibility in defining print orientation to optimize part performance.”

Keith Cox, senior business manager, Additive Manufacturing, SABIC. Source: Pressrelease.

Unlike competitive support materials that usually require reheating to facilitate extraction, SABIC’s AMS31F is easily separable at room temperature, reducing post-production times. The white color of the support material provides a strong contrast to the amber color of the ULTEM ™ filament. As a result, operators can quickly identify the structures to be removed.

Both filaments are compatible with Stratasys® Fortus® Classic printers and a variety of open-architecture industrial printers.

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  1. Darren says

    Amazing accomplishment that is sure to enable 3D printing to be done with more speed.

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