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Continuing my series about Brazilian projects, this second interview is with Marcelo Ribeiro, one of the partners of Sethi3D, a company that leads the market of 3dprinting in Brazil. The Sethi3D Aip3 3D printer based on a RepRap project Silvio Santos Sethi3D BBwas the first 3D printer that I saw, and I was astonished by the quality and structure of the printer. So to show the world that we have an awesome marked of 3DPrinting in Brazil, I will show you what we have down here with this second interview. Based on the photo on the left, you can see the kind of the quality of the work of this company. The man retracted on the model of that photo is Silvio Santos, owner of the second biggest tv channel in Brazil.





Shaw we begin?

Q: How the Sethi3D company started?


A: Sethi, was founded 16 years ago, since its beginning, the idea was to develop technology products, initially, we worked providing products and projects to other companies, we did not own product in our portfolio, we used to say that we were engineering department of companies that didn’t want to have an engineering department. These other companies focused on sales and marketing, and we developed and manufactured the products, about 5 years ago with the advancement of 3D printers in Brazil, we feel a strong desire to participate in this , and then came Sethi3D, which has become our brand for 3D printers, from the beginning we always focused on quality and innovative products. With this, we were able to apply all our previous experience of developing products in our printers and accessories.

Q: What is the kind of printers that you manufacture?

A: We currently manufacture 4 models, all of them running Repetier Firmware.

  • Sethi3D AiP 

    • Printing area of: 220 x 210 x 200mm;
    • Bed Leveling;
    • Heated Bed;
  • Sethi3D BB

    • printing area of: 400 x 400 x 400mm,
    • Bed leveling;
  • Sethi3D S3

    • printing area of: 270 x 270 x 320mm,
    • Bed Leveling;
    • Heated Bed;
    • Sensor out of filament;
    • 0.05mm minimum resolution;
    • 150mm/s printing speed and 300mm/s travel speed;
    • Intern leds;
    • Static bed;
  • Sethi3D S2

    • printing area of: 200 x 200 x 200mm.
    • Bed Leveling;
    • Heated Bed;
    • The video of the S2 model release follows:

Q: With the launch of the S3 model, your company was able to reach a new level, with this model being well accepted on the Brazilian market, even reaching the top5 list of South America 3D printers trends released by 3DHubs, how did you reach this level?

3DHubs trends South America Sethi3D


Yes, we were very happy to feature so many renowned brands in this report, the innovations implemented in S3 have helped a lot in this growth, as well as a good customer service, reflected in this market share.Recently we reached another mark that we were very happy, that was to have printers sold in all states of the Brazilian territory. We always pay attention to the smallest details in our designs, all caring is reflected in the print quality, and we are constantly evaluating and improving our designs.




Q: What are the challenges of this market in Brazil?

Sethi3D BB
Sethi BB

A: The biggest challenges are maintaining high-quality products with competitive prices and always provide a good after-sale for our customers.

Q: What Sethi3D are planning for the future?

Our main goal is to make 3D printing simpler and more practical for users and this will help spread this technology to every household in the next few years. You can expect in the future, more and more friendly and automated printers.
We have a complete and extensive roadmap, follow us! It will be worth it.




If you compare those Made In Brazil 3DPrinters with US/Europe printers, we are not losing on anything… We have a great market with a company like Sethi3D that have simple printers like Aip for hobbyists and the S3 for industrial work. The S3 models have a price around of $2.240 US dollars based on the currency dating of September of 2017. Even with a difficult situation in Brazil, hence our political crisis and high taxes on importation rates, we show our strength and hopefully leaving a mark on the world. Congrats Sethi3D, Marcelo and the hole team that works hard to make the 3DPrinting world in Brazil a remarkable place.

If you want to get in touch with them, just send an email at [email protected].

Thanks Marcelo for this opportunity!

Check out my previous interview of Brazilian projects here.

That’s all folks!

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  1. Richard Bynum says

    WOW! Those are some great printers! I wish them an infinity of success!

  2. Tom Baxter says

    Wow. I would love a Sethi3D BB but that $600 price tag hurts a little. 🙁

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