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How a more environmentally friendly 3D printing method reduces mould tool cycle times

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A new 3D metal printing technology developed by a precision engineering

company in Doncaster decreases the company’s and its customers’ environmental effect.

Agemaspark spent several years developing and testing the new technology,

which minimizes multi-impression mould tool cycle times

Agemaspark can supply an efficient advanced manufacturing process using 3D metal printing

technology and a conformal cooling technique.

The technology increases a mould’s efficiency by up to 20%, lowering the amount of energy used and the process’s environmental impact. The technique is not only more cost-effective,

but it is also more environmentally friendly, allowing Agemaspark’s customers,

who include aerospace and oil and gas businesses,

to minimize their carbon footprint.
“The conformal cooling technique is a cleaner approach to create tooling and components,”

said Paul Stockhill, managing director of Agemaspark.

The tooling inserts manufactured with 3D metal additive printing consume significantly less energy than traditional steelworks and manufacturing procedures.”

The team saw right away that the technology may be a game-changer in terms of reducing the company’s environmental impact as well as providing an environmentally friendly option for customers while developing it.

It comes as the company embarks on several environmentally-friendly efforts, including the development of micro cooling water supply equipment to regulate tooling operations.

Agemaspark is also investing in new, more efficient machinery to lessen the company’s environmental footprint.
The process may become even more environmentally friendly as the company expands into new areas and more tooling opportunities become available, according to Stockhill.

. He said that in some circumstances,

improvements of up to 40% might be realized.

Source: Agemaspark

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