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Glass Filled Materials

Two manufacturers are now offering glass additives for 3D printing materials. DSM Additive Manufacturing, a Dutch company, and Rize, an American 3D printer company, are among the first to offer this new form of glass fiber material.  While glass fibre has been offered by other companies for some time now, this material is considered to be much more durable, lighter, heat-resistant, and stronger.


These two companies both intend their materials to be used in large-scale 3D printing in the auto industry.   Rize even carries the UL GreenGuard Certification for not releasing emissions during extrusion. Rize is perfect for indoor 3D modeling operations.

Why Do You Care?

So, why is this of interest?  These materials may be well outside the average user price range now.  But this continued innovation in the high-end 3D printing industry will always seep into our hobby in unpredictable ways.

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