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Get ready for Halloween with these simple prints.

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5 Prints to get you ready for Halloween

With just under 10 Days until Halloween, I decided to round up a few prints for those last minute touches. I loved Halloween as a child because we always decorated the house. None of those silly Xmas decorations masquerading as Halloween decorations either. We went full Adams family. I can’t say why I always loved Halloween decorations and loathed Xmas decorating but its probably cause the point wasn’t to be cheery. I’m getting a cavity just thinking about Xmas. 3d printers make it even easier to prep for Halloween and set yourself apart from the neighbors that shop at Walmart. So with that, I grabbed a few prints to get you ready for Halloween.

All images contain links to where the prints can be downloaded.

Teeth for a Venus Box 😉

by jedynak, published 

This one would be an awesome candy bowl. Even on a small printer if you use it to hand out the candy. Just imagine opening it for the kids trick or treating and telling them to reach in and grab the candy. I can’t wait for mine to print out so I can paint it up.

Frankenstein Light Switch Plate

by LoboCNC, published 

This is more for you than the Trick or Treaters. I love setting the mood And it’s a simple plate that can be swapped back in just a minutes time. If only they made tiny lighting globes.

Digi-Reaper(blue screen of death)

by Sannyshine, published 



I suggest printing a few of these and Placing them all over your porch. Nothing scares the kids these days more than their electronics crashing. Maybe go to your local Thrift store and ask if they have any broken laptops or phones and place them on them. That should make them fear Halloween Aaah ha ha ha haaaaa!

Harry Potter Glasses

by Tunell, published 

Sometimes you just need a quick costume addition. I’m not going to post more than this one. Thingiverse is full of cosplay and Costume additions that would be great for Halloween. even if you bought your child a costume from Walmart adding a couple of 3d printed items will help set him apart from the crowd (or you Adults really need to dress up more).

Double Barrel Candy Corn Launcher

by DragonflyFabrication, published 

Finally, something to get some use of all the nasty Candy Corn the cheapskates will hand out. We all know that house. The one that will hand you 4 bags of candy corn and nothing else. Well, its time for revenge or maybe a little office warfare. I’ll leave that to you.

Heed the words of Vincent Price


Bonus Print

Dragon Head Doorbell Cover (GLOW IN THE DARK VERSION)

by JimGale, published 

This was suggested by a reader. It’s his creation so I had to add it. I’ll be printing one out for my doorbell.

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  1. Tom Baxter says

    Double barrel launcher here I come!

  2. JimGale (@jimgale) says

    Welcome to add my glow in the dark doorbell DragonHead…

  3. Nathan Cox says

    added Thanks I will print one for sure.

  4. Richard Bynum says

    The Frankenstein Light Switch plate is something I’m going to print out for me! It’s perfect to help me turn on and off my light! I’m paralyzed and it’s a LOT of work to get up and down from my bed to turn the light off and on. I have a long pole to reach the switch from the bed..haha. But that’s still hard because the switch is so small. Especially in the dark! Having a bigger and longer switch will make it so much easier for me! I can’t believe I haven’t thought about making something for the switch like that!! Thanks!! Yea, I have an Echo but no smart bulbs yet. But that’s going to be my next buy when I get extra money. I’ll love being able to print stuff that can help me!! So many possibilities!!

    1. Nathan Cox says

      So glad I could help you with that.

  5. Tom Baxter says

    That cover is great! Now to get a stainless steel nozzle so I can print with glow in the dark filament.

  6. Jared Heifetz says

    Getting ideas….!

  7. Lori Mahan says

    Love the Frankenstein light switch, too cool. I also like the candy corn launcher. You are all so creative and love browsing your stuff. Now if I could just get my hands on a printer, I would be golden.

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