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ERIKS meet food safety with Ultimaker’s 3D printers

3D printing has revolutionized the production industry. OEMs are taking advantage of the technology to upscale the production of complex components. In line with this, Ultimaker, a provider of desktop 3D printers, was pleased to announce that ERIKS, an international industrial equipment supplier, is using the desktop 3D printers it provides to upscale their 3D printing capabilities for OEM and MRO customers.

ERIKS has gone ahead to install an arsenal of Ultimaker S5 Pro 3D printers at its production facility in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

ERIKS has leveraged Ultimaker’s technology to provide its customers with industry-leading services and support in identifying and designing engineering. The company has been able to 3D print parts alongside its customers according to specific company and industry standards, especially in regard to food safety and cleanliness.

ERIKS meet food safety with ultimaker

Attaining these standards has, as Ultimaker claims, made it easier for professionals working in the MRO and OEM industries to adopt 3D printing technology.

Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker, explains: “As shown in the 3D Printing Sentiment Index, only 35 per cent of companies have adopted additive manufacturing, while in many industries worldwide, margins are currently under high pressure. Efficiency is key to bringing a competitive edge, and 3D printing plays a major role in this, as ERIKS experienced first-hand with achieving their impressive cost-and time savings.”

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