Endurance Lasers are giving away 8 Watt and 5.6 Watt lasers

Connect a laser to your 3D Printer

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The 3D Printer Laser giveaway


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First Prize: 8 Watt Diode Laser (See below)

Second Prize: 5.6 Watt Diode Laser

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So what can the 8 Watt Laser really do?

Would you like to transform your 3D printer into a laser engraving or cutting machine?

Endurance have invented a way to transform your 3D printer or CNC router into a cutting or engraving machine with an Endurance Diode Laser. The Endurance laser is the best type of upgrade you can get for your current 3D printer.

With a 8W Endurance Diode laser you can engrave fast and cut deep into a variety of materials like plywood, wood, acrylic, cardboard, hardboard, felt, leather, plastic (ABS, PLA), stone, glass, aluminum, ceramis and more.

The 8W (8000 mW) diode laser is one of the most powerful and advanced laser to upgrade your 3D printer or CNC router with and is able to create beautiful engravings and laser cuts. It is very easy to install and does not require any special knowledge. It can be installed on almost any type of 3D printer or CNC mill. If you have any issues during installation or operation, we are always available to lend a hand.

8W laser enables engraving and cutting a variety of materials such as:

  • plywood / wood
  • acrylic
  • PLA / ABS
  • felt / fabric
  • paper / cardboard
  • hardboard
  • stone
  • glass
  • aluminium
  • and more

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  1. Tom Baxter says

    This is awesome! I want to get a new 3D printer with a larger print volume. I could turn my MPSM into a laser engraver! WANT!

    1. George Fomitchev says

      Tom, we are all yours)

      1. Tom Baxter says

        All mine… you make me blush… 😮 haha
        Tax return time is coming up and I may be applying some of that to a new toy!

  2. David Patterson says

    You can tell by the amount of burning of the edge of the wood that the wood is too thick for 1 pass.
    Quicker multiple passes would be better.

    1. George Fomitchev says

      sure, you may cut up to 8 mm of wood and plywood but with multi passes.

      With one pass you may can 4-5 mm of acrylic and 3-4 mm of a wood and a plywood

      please check my youtube channel @georgefomichev

  3. Allan says

    endurancelasers.com – Site not found…

    1. Daniel Faegnell says

      Thank you for notifying us. We contacted their marketing guy George Formitchev and he will see whats up. If you want to buy a laser we have a discount code for 25% off coming out in the newsletter on wednesday.

    2. Daniel Faegnell says

      As a sorry to everyone that tried to purchase a laser yesterday when their site was down you can now only for one day get the Laser at 40% discount with the discount code “I_love_3Dprinterchat” You may order the Laser here.

      1. George Fomitchev says

        yeah, don’t miss it! Valid only for today!)

    3. George Fomitchev says

      sorry, had some issues with our site

    4. Tom Baxter says

      I noticed that as well. Shortly thereafter though the site was working. I thought we may have given the site a “Hug of Death” lol

  4. bon kim says

    This is great! I want to get a new 3D printer with a larger print volume.

  5. Cooper says


  6. Jean-roger Marceau says

    I need to try this

  7. B.Marioara says

    i like this giveaway,
    I would like to win for my husband

  8. shiol says

    very cool

  9. Dean says

    I would love this.

  10. bon kim says

    I like this giveaway.

  11. Tom Baxter says

    I really hope this giveaway is one by a member of the site. It seems like mystery people are winning and site members are getting the honorable mention.

    1. Daniel Faegnell says

      People are not forced to have a members account on the site to be in the draw thats why we from tim e to time also give something to people that are active. In a giveaway about 80% just does everything other then actually joining as a member.

      1. Tom Baxter says

        Thank you for the response Daniel. I never would have realized that there were that many people joining the giveaways that were not members of the site. It makes me feel better that at least they are real people. I guess we can chalk this up to me being salty. 😁

  12. Matt says

    I would love to own my own 3d printer.. Ive always wanted to make one.. But funds are short

  13. Ken says

    Thanks for putting up these contests. Hoping to get a more reliable printer.

  14. george says

    Been trying to get the 8watt Endurence láser Module. I’m looking for a discount code. Can anyone help?

    1. Daniel Faegnell says

      Promo Code: “I_love_3Dprinterchat” 25% off

      1. Juanca says

        Hi Daniel, will you select the second winner you announced for this giveaway?
        THE PRIZES:
        First Prize: 8 Watt Diode Laser (See below)
        Second Prize: 5.6 Watt Diode Laser

        And why takes you so much time to select winners after contests ends? We’re waiting for Prusa Mk3 winners…

        1. Tom Baxter says

          Do we just give up on the 2nd place winner?
          I understand that you have to weed out the bots and fake entries, but you should at least put an update on the contest pages.

    2. george brown says

      Dan thanks I caught the February 40% discount and have an 8watt on the way

  15. Justin Flugum says

    Lasers are so much fun to play with cutting and burning stuff, who wouldn’t want one.

  16. B. Marioara says

    nice giveaway!

  17. Julie Arsenault says

    Awesomely fun! Id love to win! Thanks for the chance 🍀 @julieeanne23

  18. Tom Baxter says

    How come comments are enabled for this giveaway post but not the others?

  19. Simon says

    Lock lasers 🙂

  20. Tod Winkelman says

    I would really like to make this my 1st 3d printer. Thank you for the chance.

  21. Mohd Ayub says

    Gimme! Because LASER RAPTORS!!

  22. Justin Flugum says

    I’ve never used lasers before but, it would be totally awesome to try.

  23. Tom Baxter says

    The time between the contest ending, and the winner being announced is torture!

    1. Tom Baxter says

      Over 8 days since the contest ended. You guys are killing me! lol

  24. Tom Baxter says

    Who won 2nd prize?

  25. george brown says

    Has anyone been named yet for the give away?

    1. Tom Baxter says

      They announced that Rozh akram is the winner. But, the contest had a first and second place prize. No answer on who the second place winner is.

  26. Juanca says

    Hi, are you going to select the winner for the 2nd prize??

  27. Juanca says

    Hello, someone there¿? No second prize?

    1. Tom Baxter says

      I hear you. I’m starting to lose faith here.

      2nd prize winner here = never announced.
      Prusa MK3 winner = never announced.
      Flashforge winner = never announced.

      I wish there was some communication as to what the hold up was.

  28. Tom Baxter says

    I’m losing my mind. Two different printer giveaways have been over for a while now. Please end our torture!!!😵🤬😭

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