Endurance Lasers are giving away 8 Watt and 5.6 Watt lasers

Laser 8w to 3d printer

The 3D Printer Laser giveaway


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First Prize: 8 Watt Diode Laser (See below)

Second Prize: 5.6 Watt Diode Laser

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So what can the 8 Watt Laser really do?

Would you like to transform your 3D printer into a laser engraving or cutting machine?

Endurance have invented a way to transform your 3D printer or CNC router into a cutting or engraving machine with an Endurance Diode Laser. The Endurance laser is the best type of upgrade you can get for your current 3D printer.

With a 8W Endurance Diode laser you can engrave fast and cut deep into a variety of materials like plywood, wood, acrylic, cardboard, hardboard, felt, leather, plastic (ABS, PLA), stone, glass, aluminum, ceramis and more.

The 8W (8000 mW) diode laser is one of the most powerful and advanced laser to upgrade your 3D printer or CNC router with and is able to create beautiful engravings and laser cuts. It is very easy to install and does not require any special knowledge. It can be installed on almost any type of 3D printer or CNC mill. If you have any issues during installation or operation, we are always available to lend a hand.

8W laser enables engraving and cutting a variety of materials such as:

  • plywood / wood
  • acrylic
  • PLA / ABS
  • felt / fabric
  • paper / cardboard
  • hardboard
  • stone
  • glass
  • aluminium
  • and more


      • Thank you for the response Daniel. I never would have realized that there were that many people joining the giveaways that were not members of the site. It makes me feel better that at least they are real people. I guess we can chalk this up to me being salty. 😁

    • I hear you. I’m starting to lose faith here.

      2nd prize winner here = never announced.
      Prusa MK3 winner = never announced.
      Flashforge winner = never announced.

      I wish there was some communication as to what the hold up was.