Want to add a Laser Engraver to Your 3D Printer?

Want to add a Laser Engraver to Your 3D Printer?

This episode is a little different in that it is about laser Cutting and engraving. What? No, we haven’t change the topic of the podcast! Chris interviews George Fomitchev, founder of a company that helps you add powerful and accurate solid state laser attachments to existing 3d printers to increase their capabilities and easily introduce makers to this growing fabrication field.

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Listen to Chris, Miles and Håkan talking about 3D Printing and Interviewing People from the industry.






  1. I was able to load their website, however, it seems rather buggy with their own advertisements hijacking your screen. The products look good but are at least 2x the price as other competitors. Which means you are probably paying for the customer service and the fact that it’s made in America, so it really comes down to how much your time is worth.

    Their youtube page has a mix of self-promoting advertisements, business presentations, and tutorials in English and Russian. Some of their tutorials are well produced and informative, while others are just a montage of someone putting together complex machinery with elevator music in the background. It seems very business forward and geared toward the intermediate to advanced user, but at the same time, their advertisements depict a woman in pajamas using a laser engraving program from her bed, almost like it’s geared towards the average consumer.

    All in all, I’m looking forward to where they take their business, but I hope they decide where they stand in the consumer market and invest in a better PR and a streamlined user interface. I’m sure they would see an increase in subscriptions if they split up their channel with one focusing on the consumer and a separate one for their business relations. Since they are multinational, it would be professional to consolidate their multilanguage content on separate platforms so a user who only speaks one language doesn’t hit a language barrier repeatedly when navigating through their videos attempting to find the information they need.