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Curating your own 3d mini-museum

Your mini-museum should feel as good as it sounds/reads. From Egyptian artworks to classical sculptures,

Sketchfab users uploaded vast resources of renderings.
A part of us has always wondered what it would be like to curate our ancient statuary.

If you are one of those still looking to fulfil that dream, Turn your desk, bookshelf or dashboard into a gallery of Greco-roman masterpieces.

3d model

Sketchfab User Dl @leinaden made an awesome collection of statues throughout art history.fully rendered for 3D printing.
An amazing fact about this collection is it holds 500 individual models by multiple Sketchfab contributors, and the potential is vast.

You essentially have sculptures and art through the ages with none of the curses attached.
Marchal’s Sketchfab bio reads
“3D scans are a great way to share cultural heritage with the world.”

His process involves photogrammetry and Memento beta from Autodesk.
Marchal also shares 3d modelling throughscan the World,” a project by MyMiniFactory.
A great number of models in DL’s “Great Statues collection are free to download; others may require a fee- An example, the Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of Four Rivers) model is priced at 19.95 dollars.

An affordable museum collectible

A point of note is all the renders are relatively affordable and won’t burn a hole through your pocket,

$20 is a fair price to own this fountain in Piazza Navona in Roe, designed in the mid 15th century by Gian Lorenzo Bernini for Pope Innocent X.
The original costs 7 times that price and is harder to rotate.

Selecting and downloading the render is the first step but you still have to connect a 3D printer to print it out.

Only then will this grace your office shelves or wherever you decide to show off your extensive collection of ancient’s art.
The office space or personal collector’s space is not just the only place the art graces,

it also graces Malopolska’s museum, which features various art collections in virtual space
So whether a personal physical collection, a present to an art lover, or as an NFT, all this and more are available on Sketchfab.

Source: Geoffrey Marchal @leinaden , Sketchfab

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