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California 3D printed houses delivered in 24 Hours

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Construction-tech company Mighty Buildings is selling and shipping affordable and sustainable 3D printed houses in California. Its unique 3D printing process uses UV-curable synthetic stone material allows delivering 350 ft2. 3D printed ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in just 24 hours.

We’ve talked about 3D printed houses a couple of times before. But this one sets itself apart from the competition in a handful of different ways, most obviously with their material. Mighty Buildings 20-foot-high 3D printer uses a thermoset composite called Light Stone Material (LSM) that hardens when exposed to UV light, making it a more effective building material than concrete.

This Oakland, CA-based construction-tech startup is certified under California’s Factory Built Housing program to create units utilizing 3D printing and is the first company to achieve certification under the UL. 3401 standard for evaluating building structures and assemblies.

A 3D printing Construction Technology that allows saving home costs up to 45%

Faster, more affordable, and more sustainable. Thanks to the smart use of 3D printing, robotics, and automation, the company is able to sell dwellings as much as 45% less expensive than average houses in California. While other companies 3D print the homes on-site, Mighty Buildings do it more efficiently inside their factory to save time by automating certain phases of the process. Most importantly, the construction phase can happen year-round in a controlled environment.

Building this way has environmental benefits as well. First of all, this company uses a single material instead of the dozen materials a common wall might use. They also prevent material waste, as Channels to install plumbing and electrical are printed as part of the process. Last but not less: The form of the house also makes it more energy-efficient. It means it is really easy for them to meet California zero net energy standards.

However, the first ADUs Mighty Buildings is selling aren’t actually fully 3D printed since they have a traditional roof. But by next year, the startup plans to shift to fully 3D printing each dwelling. Upon completion of 3D printing, the structure is gently sanded with robotic arms and then carried to its planned location in California to start with the installation phase.

Mighty Buildings. Co-Founder, Sam Ruben, claims their goal is to eventually automate 80% of the building process to make it even more affordable.

Modern and affordable prefab 3D printed Backyard Cottages (yes, in California)

On the company’s Home page it is possible to choose the house model in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 350 sq ft. studio – starting at $115,000 USD, with permitting fees, foundation work, delivery, and other steps bringing the total as high as $223,000 USD. – to a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house.

Since it is faster to get authorization and begin construction in California backyards than on empty lots, Mighty Buildings it’s focusing on the market for accessory dwelling at first.

To see the 20-foot-high printer in action, check out our video down below.

Video: The Mighty Buildings Story. Author: Mighty Buildings.

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