Creality Ender 3 Announced

Ender 3

Much loved Chinese gaming company Creality 3D has announced a new budget-friendly and if their reputation is anything to go by high-quality 3D printer the Ender 3. Since the launch of their CR10 printer creality has been going from strength to strength. Now it seems they want to supplant the Anet A8 at the lowest tier of the market with the ender 3, with initial pricing at 150 USD.

Many things are familiar looking about the Ender 3 with other Creality Models, however in what seems to be a further demonstration that Reality is listening to community feedback. With the power supply and electronics relocated to under the printing bed, removing the need for an external box with umbilical to power the printer, hotend and bed.    

So far we have great specs at a 220*220*250 so a great volume for the price. As we have come to expect from Creatlity. The rest of the components are carried over from the other creality models. More information will be available soon and you can expect a full review. If creality keeps up their consistent quality at this price point, which in large part we have sen with their similarly priced under 2 model we can expect this to really hit hard


Buy an ender 3 here:



    • I have an ANET A8 printer at about this price… but it has always been more of a project that a finished product… which I don’t mind, however, if this printer could do this price point better… I might be interested (as my next upgrade!)

  1. This is awesome. Creality 3D has really been upping the game for what we expect to get out the “China 3D printer kits”. It’s nice to see one coming down into my price range. My only printer is a Monoprice Select mini v1, and man do I want more volume. The mini is great for what it is, but for the cost of expanding it’s print area through mods, I could get a whole new printer. Sweet!

  2. Why is there no mention of this anywhere else online, the only places I can find the “Creality Ender 3” is this page and the site it links to. There’s no mention of it even on Creality’s own website. Are we sure it’s not just a scam or fake?

  3. Too late Creality I already have my cheap printer (with a 200x200x200 area). Now I wouldn’t mind having a few printers and such I just don’t see a need or reason for what I’m printing and how often I’m printing (once a week for 12ish hours). I suspect this would be a winner though (as in a good printer) as far as cheap printers go. If I’m ever in the market I’ll be thinking about it.

  4. Seriously nice machine for the money. got one on Friday and was printing an hour after opening the box. Far better than an A8 i assembled a couple of months back. sturdy and quiet, very pleased with it